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Lucy was awesome.

Lucy is… seriously, quite really, awesome.

You need to know my biasness first. It’s Scarlett Johansson. I loved her as the Black Widow, I love her even more as Lucy. And I love how in Lucy, I felt very terrified for her character in the first 10 minutes than I did screaming for her in Avengers. So there.

Now back to Lucy. TL;DR summary? Lucy is a fairly innocent young woman who becomes the first human with the ability to use 100% of her cerebral capacity. What follows is a mix of anime cutscenes, Korean action sequences and the realisation that it’s a very European show.

TL;DRating? 8/10.

More under the cut! And some some spoilers ahead!

The plot of Lucy is fairly simple. Lucy’s scumbag boyfriend hands her a suitcase that she has to deliver. She does so, and wakes up with a slit in her stomach. Now a mule for a Korean drug cartel, she’s kidnapped on her way to the airport, and therein starts the journey of how she unlocked 100% of her brain at the cost of her… I’ll let you learn what that is.

Over the course of the movie we learn what kind of person Lucy is, the price of sentience and then just how efficient the police forces of different European countries are. Really, it seems that all it took to grab 3 drug mules from Berlin and Rome was a phone call and knowing when they were getting off the plane. And then having these three guys being transported to Paris in just a few minutes.

Realistic timing? Ain’t nobody got the time for that.

That said, Lucy’s a pretty good indication of what happens if you turn a generic life gone wrong anime into a live action movie. Someone mentioned on Facebook that it’s got tones of Ghost in the Shell, and I agree. I’m also amused they also included random shots of things to emphasise the mood of the scene, like how in anime, when they wax philosophical about the circle of life and all that, you have images of predators chasing prey.

The opening scene shows Lucy walking into the hotel and asking for a Mr Jang. As she speaks with the counter and as her fear rises, images of a gazelle being hunted by a leopard flash by. Subtle? No. Effective? Probably. Heightens Lucy’s fear as she is about to panic? Yes, yes, yes.

That first 15 minutes or so set the tone for the entire movie. You can see how unlocking her brain completely changes Lucy’s personality. After her initial revenge and the setting up of a gunfight much later in the movie, she becomes obsessed with passing on the knowledge she’s gained about being a fully developed human.

This is where we go from science fiction to fantasy. The final gunfight has serious shades of the Matrix and other similarly themed final showdown-reality films. They’ve got the bullet time, the random shots into everyone but the main characters and the white room of reality removal. The last scenes shows that if time is the only measurement that makes sense, then a character who can unlock 100% of her cerebral capacity gains the ability to adjust such measurements and doesn’t need a body anymore.

Or so the ending says. I hope there’s no sequel. This show was quite good on its own. I *do* hope it tells Marvel that they should really look into creating an actual Black Widow movie. She would rock it so hard.

Sad Kernel Note: The science in this movie is very hand-wavy, so if you’re a neuro student you might wanna turn your filters off at the beginning of the show.

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