Procrastinating (aka I’m alive!)

It was a dark and stormy night
Or at the very least, a noisy one
So sat the writer at her desk
Procrastinating, as she does.

Fingers energetic
Mind procrastinating
Pick up the pen
Pick up the quill
And let the characters live again

It is hard to write when there’s distractions
Harder still to write when the background’s white
So back to Q10 I go
I will miss this when Windows 10 Launches

Learning to write again. I have learnt a few things since buying this computer:

  1. Not having Q10 or any sort of minimal writing editor actually is quite a bummer. And I really end up procrastinating more than I should
  2. I haven’t gamed in a while. My phone distracts me on the bed
  3. Losing my train of thought is very easy nowadays

2 thoughts on “Procrastinating (aka I’m alive!)”

    1. 1. Windows 7 still! But I found WriteMonkey distracting (too much space at the side and I needed to readjust several times to ensure the content was wide enough) and so reinstalled Q10 again.

      3. Hahaha not if you have a lot of ideas and need to work on some! 😀

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