Breaking and Adding Habits


_Habit creation is hard._

So as it turned out, a whole bunch of friends and I unconsciously decided to embark on a breaking habits and addiction spree recently. Each of us has had our own reason for doing so; some do it for health, some do it for sanity, and so forth.

But breaking habits and addictions are not simple things. Habits are extremely easy to create unconsciously, and extremely hard to implement consciously. They are also the most annoying kind of hacks to stick to; time hacks, because often it’s not repetition, but how long you keep doing it that matters more.

Thing is, there are a lot of different habit creations techniques out there, and for most part, many of them are very vague and not practical. They lack, in my opinion, a step-by-step guide and reassurance. Breaking a habit is harder than creating a new one.

So in this series tentatively called “BAH” aka Breaking and Adding Habits, I hope to share specific stories about breaking habits and creations. Some of these aren’t really breakers, but more of switchers aka switching from one habit to another. A few things to note about this series:

  • If you’re looking for information about how to quit smoking, giving up alcohol etc, this isn’t quite the series for you, but you can always adapt the tactics shared
  • If it is a medical issue, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS talk to your doctor first
  • Habits can range from as simple as “not digging my nose in public” to “giving up smoking” to “drinking more water” etc etc.

I hope you will enjoy this series. And if you have any feedback or want to contribute your own story, help me fill up this preliminary form!