[BAH] Gaming your procrastination habit

A shocked Scottish Fold kitty representing Kyp Lim
A shocked Scottish Fold kitty representing Kyp Lim

Kyp Lim is a scientifikitty, based in Perth. He’s very fluffy, as evidenced by his Steam gamer ID of crazysheep_. However, he’s also got a chronic problem with procrastination. So to combat one aspect of his procrastination, he started livestreaming his games. This is his walkthrough.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
A: I’m a hooman Purr purr.

Q: At least tell us what kind of kitty you are. -_-
A: A cute little Scottish Fold.

Q: So tell us a bit about your gaming history.
A: Well, I started gaming when we got our first PC, and it’s pretty much only intensified ever since. I cut my teeth on early Command and Conquer games, continued into more games from the RTS genre, and then segued into DotA quite some time later. Meanwhile regular Steam sales exposed me to many, many other fun games… which brings us to this discussion here, I guess.

Kitty's Gaming Library
Kitty’s Gaming Library

Q: When did you realise you had a gaming problem?
A: I-It’s not a p-problem- coughs nervously Well, I guess it’s more of a digital dust collection thing, similar to book collections. The kind where you buy cheap, promising books in bulk from warehouse sales and never touch more than half of them. It’s a similar thing with my games – I look at my Steam library and realise that I haven’t touched… probably two-thirds of them, having invested money and hard disc space on them?

Q: Why livestreaming?
A: Funny story, this. It actually started off as a challenge on Twitter – I don’t remember the specifics now – except that one day, three poor souls decided to make Twitch accounts and do a livestream each. I liked the initial experience of just showing off my playstyle and however bad it might be, so I made it a point to stream regularly from then on.

When I completed my XCOM achievements, and was looking for a new game to fill the livestreaming void, I realised that I could try and finish my game collection by playing it on air, so that I’d kill two birds with one stone: chew through my game collection while showing off different games (and hopefully drag in some viewers while I’m at it).

Q: How is it going so far?
A: So far so good, I guess. I can’t really tell, partly because I haven’t compared my progress with others, nor found any yardstick to figure out how I’m doing.

Q: How long has it been since you’ve started, and how many games have you attempted (and finished!)?
A: I think it’s about nine months since I started, I might be wrong on this. In that time, I’ve cleared three games, and I’m currently making good progress on two others. At this rate, I might finish in… ten years, I think? I haven’t really given that much thought. What matters to me now is that I’m actually making progress on clearing out my game backlog.

Q: What have you been playing?
A: Whatever looks the most fun in my library. Right now, that honour is shared between Spec Ops: The Line and Prison Architect. (Writer’s note: Prison Architect’s on Wednesday nights, UTC +8, and Spec Ops’ on weekends, same timezone)

Q: Have you ever abandoned a game?
A: So far, not yet. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

Q: Ever fallen off the wagon? What did you do to get back up?
A: Since instituting the livestreaming schedule, I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet, some sort of devotion to the viewers, if I may say so. There was a brief interruption around February when we were in the process of switching internet providers, but other than that I haven’t abandoned the plan.

Q: Any advice for those attempting to tackle their gaming procrastination?
A: Perseverance will get you over the line, wherever that may be 😛

Thank you for your time. Catch Kitty gaming his procrastination habit here!