[Quickie] Things I learnt this Raya

Image of Japanese dolls taken in the new Sony Centre at CurveImage of Japanese dolls taken in the new Sony Centre at Curve

Didn’t expect 48 hours to teach me new things about my city:

  • MidValley was insane about lunchtime on Saturday, the second day of Raya. Decided to go to Curve and park in Cineleisure, which leads to:
  • If even CINELEISURE is full, give up and go somewhere else. For us, we had the pick of the carpark and then:
  • When parking in Cineleisure (aka e@Curve if you want to Google them), always drive along the entire length of B1, which is where you’ll come in. The first section will ALWAYS be full, but if you drive over closer to the exit where you take the ramp up to the Ground Floor parking you’ll find plenty of space to park which makes me conclude:
  • Most people are inefficient. You’ll take the first parking you see without realising there’s better parking spaces closer to the shopping mall entrances and then:
  • Even more people are just simply lazy. There was a mini jam outside of the area because everyone was DETERMINED to park as close as possible to their favourite mall. Saving 10 steps is apparently more important than saving RM3 worth of petrol, and that makes me think:
  • Timing is everything. I reached Ikea about 2.30pm like that and it was madness. We decided to head out for some tea instead. Came back to Ikea about 5pm and there was like 50% less people, aka I could BREATHE which lead to the next day’s weirdness of:
  • Mid Valley being almost EMPTY on a Sunday afternoon. There was NO JAM at all when I went there at about 1pm. Heck, even the parking lots were green.

Madness, I tell you.