[BAH] Drawing with a Mars Bars

Creativity’s one of the hardest habits to get into, and sometimes all you need is a challenge. The Magical Mars Bars, aka Kimmy, talks about getting into the habit of drawing again and the #ramadhansketchchallenge2015.

Meet the artist!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hey, I’m Kimmy, more often known as MagicalMarsBars or Kimmouto. I’m eighteen this year and I’ve always very much been immersed in arts, be it acting, drawing, dancing, taking photos or writing. Could call it a way of life, I guess. Does that sound pretentious? I hope not… 🙁 Editor’s note: Nope, it doesn’t sound pretentious at all.

Q: So, what’s your sketchy history about?
I’ve always kind of enjoyed drawing, but I was never too good at it. When I entered secondary school two of my closest friends happened to be rather artistically talented, so I guess you could say I tried my best to get to their level. Being a typical SEA kid, I grew up with ACG and had a very Japanese animation-influenced style of art, but once I left high school I became much more interested in a broader sense of art, not just anime but realism, line art, pointillism and just about everything else.

Q: Your drawings are pretty good! How did the drawing break happen?
I’ve always been extremely sporadic with drawing, usually due to procrastination and low self esteem. As soon as I was met with a challenge I would lose the drive to draw. It took me awhile to realise you can’t improve without practise. Sounds logical, but people always find excuses to not do things they’re afraid of (or is it just me?).

Day 2 Flag atop a burger

Q: What’s your drawing routine like now?
Now I make it a point to draw whenever I feel bored or like I’m wasting my time, but I usually end up drawing in the evening or if I’ve classes at night then right after that. It’s probably not healthy but I usually end up forgetting the time and sleeping after 2AM.

Q: How has the #ramadhansketchchallenge2015 been treating you so far? I see it’s made you break your drawing fast. /runs
Oh it’s been tough! The first and second week will make you feel like you’re incredibly capable, but the third and fourth is the devil. It’s also made me much more open to making mistakes, so for that I’m glad!

Q: Why drawing?
I am by nature a fairly visual creature, and I’ve been doodling all my life – no real reason why; just feels right! Drawing to me is like meditating. I don’t think when I draw, and as someone who’s constantly thinking, it’s a very welcome feeling.

Thank you for your time. Check out Kimmy’s sketches here on Instagram!