[NaoReviewing] In2It Lustful Red

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Image taken from Guardian’s Online Store

Product: In2It Lustful Red Lipstick
Available: Watsons and Guardian

Backstory: My toe-dipping into lipsticks pretty much started with me just wanting to “change it up.” A brief chat with the girls and I narrowed my choice to Essence from Watsons. As I am an impulsive person, I thought to buy it immediately. The [Wind_Goddess] and I made our way to the area around Digital Mall because I also had an appointment there.

However, the Watson’s there had closed. There was only a Guardian’s there, and it was there I picked up the In2It Lustful Red Lipstick. It was either this, or the Temptation. Wind Goddess recommended the Lustful Red… just because of the name.

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My only conditions for the lipstick was that it had to be bright red and striking without being glossy. As it turns out, finding one was much harder than it looks. I kind of lucked out with the colour on this one; it was really bright and stayed on for quite some time once you got through the first 10 minutes.

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The lipstick passed the first test. It was brilliant and bright, but not glossy on my hand. So now it was time for the real test.

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It looked great on my lips. Most importantly, I FELT great wearing it. The lipstick added a bright spot of colour to my face, hiding the fact that I didn’t wear any other sort of makeup on my face, including foundation and face powder. It’s my warpaint. πŸ˜›

However, it takes quite some time to settle onto my lips. The colour would really pop out only after about 5 mins or so. It will “set” into my lips in about 10 minutes, by which I can then drink water without worrying about stains. It has low lasting power though, unlike some other lippies I’ve seen, and it’s actually fairly drying. I will usually slap on some lip balm for about 5 minutes before I wear this. Makes the colour stay longer.

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No lipbalm applies means my lips look super chapped and the colour doesn’t spread evenly. With lipbalm gets me a nice, even tone.

Lesson of the day? Always wear lipbalm before you wear lipstick. Or just get a gloss stick. πŸ˜›