[NaoReviewing] buddhify2

buddhify2 logo
buddhify2 logo

Platform: Android/iOS
Price: Android $2.99/ iOS $4.99
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Who should use it: Meditation beginners and those who need a quick break between things

buddhify2 which is the app we’re talking about today, is actually the sequel to buddhify classic. Both have the same goal; bringing mindfulness to people in an easy way.

What I love about Buddhify is that it makes meditation easy. With buddhify 2, you can choose a meditation track to suit your current situation, rather than applying the same technique and time limit to every circumstance.

buddhify's situational meditations
buddhify’s situational meditations

Having a hard time at work? Open the “Feeling Stressed” and choose a meditation. Walking in the City? Choose from six options to fit your mood. Having pain or illness? They also have meditations to help work you through it.

The first time I used the “Going to Sleep > Cradle” mix, I ended up falling sleep in a matter of seconds. I woke up, feeling unusually refreshed and awake.

Buddhify also has a system in place that recognises time; switching the app open before midnight highlighted the “Going to Sleep” category, while the “Can’t Sleep” category is activated after that. When I was writing this entry at 4pm on Sunday, then I got Travelling. Opening this 2pm on a weekday highlighted the Being Online category.

buddhify's solo section, for those who can meditate on their own
buddhify’s solo section, for those who can meditate on their own

The voices used in Buddhify is a mix of male and female. Both are soothing and calming, though some speak a little too fast for me. The tracks are paced well too; they have just the right amount of silence and voice that you won’t be worried the app has crashed or the phone’s gone silent (which has happened with other meditation apps).

Buddhify, as I mentioned earlier, is especially useful for those dipping their feet into meditation and mindfulness. If you’ve been practicing regularly though, you may find the voices a little distracting and/or annoying, but they’re great for carving out pockets of sanity in an insane day.

This is one of those paid apps that I absolutely adore. I cannot recommend it enough. And really, is RM10.48 (by Google Play’s current exchange rates) really so high a price to pay for sanity pockets? 😉