Quick #TILs

Have a longer blog post idea but that one requires more writing and thinking than the brainpower I have right now. Suffice to say it’s about celebrating the small victories and joys in life. Which leads me to yesterday’s TILs:

  • When you learn that Cold Storage in KLCC opens at 9am AND they sell your favourite coffee at RM2 (instead of having to depend on MyNew’s inflated prices)
  • And that Cold Storage has decent food at Obamanotbad.jpg prices
  • Helping a dear friend feel better and help herself
  • Broken reasoning encourages faux anger in me. I just like feeling outraged, which is a sign that I need to find another outlet for my frustrations
  • Apparently, CIMB might reject a housing loan request if the property has a Master Title after 10 years
  • They also want really updated accounts and salary slips
  • Public Bank on the other hand, made me sign a consent form for them to investigate me

There was quite a lot of adulting done. Which means it is appropriate to end this post with this:

Image of bunny snoozing. Caption reads: I do not want to adult today. I don't even want to human today. Today, I want to bunny. From RabbitRescue.Ca
Image from Rabbit Rescue Incorporated