Grab some Pulp Toast this Comic Fiesta!

Excerpt from A Day in the Life of Charlotte Tang
Excerpt from A Day In The Life of Charlotte Tang

Would you dare to live your life on the whims of a dice?

What if the decisions we’ve made, the fights we’ve been in, were merely playthings of Gods?

What if the dice didn’t like the fact you were lucky?

What if you had to choose between biological warfare and a painful extraction?

What. If.

Pulp Toast/Roti Bakar Issue #1 explores all these and more. Themed A Roll of the Dice, take a chance and pick up a copy to read what happens in this thrilling anthology. We’ve got tales to make you laugh, tales to make you grin, and tales to make you facepalm. Regency Romance? Check. Slice of Life? Check. Murder? Check.

Earlier this year, Prose-ACK! brought you Chap Fan, a Poetry chapbook to whet your appetite. Come and join us at Booth G40 (TEAMworks!!!) this Comic Fiesta, happening from 19 – 20 December, 2015, for a dish of Pulp Toast/Roti Bakar! Each copy is RM19. 😉