Week #2: Hang in there

Saw some cats while I was running!

Right, this is the second week of the year, or rather it’s come and gone, and so I should be writing down what’s happened.

Or at least the parts I want to make public haha.

The weekend was fairly eventful – met up with people, got some writing done, and I even submitted a few short pieces elsewhere! The submitting also revealed I have submitters’ remorse; the moment I did so, I instantly regretted it.

But what’s life without taking chances, right?

I went running on Monday and that was fun. Well, not so much as it was a brisk walk + jog. I did not have as much aches and sores as I thought I would, though I managed only a sad 3km in one hour. Annoyed at the rain too, which started coming down in the last twenty minutes, so I ran nearer to my house instead of going to buy dinner like what I wanted to do earlier.

And the rain never quite turned out any heavier than just a piddle. Which was annoying. But I had a good dinner and the next few days were spent meeting up with people I’ve not seen in ages and whom I have missed. They put things into perspective, even if I never told them.

Actually now that I think about it, last week’s theme was simply “The end is in sight, hang on.” It was just before the madness of mid month, and with it, my period. Which was again quite troll but that’s a story not for this blog.

As of today, it’s 17 days to closing another chapter of my life. If I remove the weekends, that’s 13 days left. I hope things will proceed smoothly.