Weekly Update!

Pigeons playing by the pool!

Kinda late, mainly because last week was insane. This is why.

Seriously considering creating a new blog series called “NaoRenovates.” Have had two looks at the house, and yeah, it’s been a crazy Chinese New Year week.

Right now, I’ve finalised a renovation wishlist and it’s been given to a contractor for a quotation. I’m going to call HomeMark on Monday tomorrow to see if he needs to measure my house first before recommending the kitchen cabinet or if I can just drop by his office on Saturday to get his opinion.

I’ve also been looking for beds. Right now I’m looking at the Florence Genoa Elegance mattress, which comes with a very simple headboard and divan frame. It’s a bit on the high side of my budget but I like how the mattress feels.

Appliances-wise, I’m still shopping about, but it’s most likely going to be from HLK stores, simply because they seem to have the best prices and savings.

The renovation list is mainly all about the small stuff. Issue with it are simply the room sizes. You can tell it’s a family-oriented home, simply because the living room takes up the most space with the rest of the rooms being rather small.

We shall make do the best we can!