[Review] MyScript Stylus (Beta)

Price: FREE!
Platform: Android and iOS
Rating: 3.5 of 5

As you can tell from the video, the MyScript Stylus app is quite impressive. It was able to read my writing most of the time and was very responsive. I really enjoyed using this app with my current stylus, but I don’t think it’s quite ready yet to lose the Beta tag.

It has a few bugs that needs to be ironed out, such as a tendency to read letters as numbers and vice versa. The cursor tends to jump around here and there (a reviewer has mentioned this on the Play Store, so I’m fairly confident it’s not just me) and somewhat related, but I find myself pressing on the most recent apps menu and triggering them by accident which breaks the flow of thought.

Something I would like to see is either the speed of jumping to the next empty word being quicker or the writing space being expanded to perhaps two lines or higher up the screen if that’s possible. I tend to run out of space, as you can tell.

That said though, for the grand old price of FREE (minus your data download costs) this app is really impressive. CNet shows it’s been in beta for at least 3 years, so we’ll see how it improves. Last update was in September 2015, so I have confident that they will be making improvements to the app in the months to come.*

And in case you were wondering, yes, the blog portion of this review was written on a traditional PC and not on the smaller screen.