From Windows 10 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit

Right, this is an overdue post (several weeks, in fact). I upgraded from Windows 10 32-bit to Windows 10 64-bit over the Chinese New Year holidays. If you are upgrading from a previous version of 32-bit Windows (like Windows 7, Windows 8, etc) then yes, I can confirm that there is no issue upgrading from your 32-bit version to 64-bit. Here’s how you can upgrade:


  • ACTIVATED Windows 10 (aka you must have accepted the Win 10 Upgrade notice when it appeared on your PC)
  • Download the Media Creation Tool
  • A 64-bit system
  • An empty thumbdrive of at least 16GB to store the installer files (your thumbdrive will be overwritten, so use an empty one)


  1. First, backup everything. Really. BACKUP EVERYTHING.
  2. Then on your 32-bit OS, upgrade to Windows 10 if you have not already. If you have, then check to ensure your Windows 10 license is activated under Start Menu > Type Activation > Windows is activated.
    • Check what Windows version you have, aka Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro etc.
  3. Start the Media Creation Tool you downloaded (in the Ingredients section). Select “Create Installation media for another PC.”
    • Ensure that the Edition you’ve selected is the one you currently have.
  4. Select 64-bit architecture. Now let it download and install to your thumbdrive. Go have a cup of something, this may take a bit of time.
  5. Restart your computer and boot from the USB thumbdrive.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions until you see “Which Type of Installation do you want?” Select “Install Windows only” here.
  7. Select the Primary Partition. This was where I ran into trouble.
    • If you get the “Windows can only be installed to GPT disks” error, don’t panic. This was also the reason why I said to backup everything.
    • I manually wiped my drive and converted it to GPT using this guide. If you have multiple drives like me, be VERY careful about which drive you delete.
  8. After converting your drive to GPT, Windows should be able to install Windows 10 normally.
  9. Sit back, have a drink and raid a town in Clash of Clans. By the time you’re done, Windows should also be done installing after several restarts.
  10. When you’re done with setup, click on Start > Type Activation. You should see the screen below.
  11. 64bit

Enjoy your new 64-bit PC!

Credits to Groovy Post and How-To Geek for the original advice.