A new take on May 13

Cat on a wall looking at the camera

One of the things about working in an advertising agency is that they are often so focused on positive messages that they forget about the negative ones.

I think this is the first year in a long time when I saw the date May 13 and thought, “ah it’s Friday the 13th yay it’s a friday” instead of “That explains all the stupid racial rhetoric we’ve been having.”

May 13, and especially on a Friday like this, is a rare coincidence. For those unaware, May 13, 1969, was the day modern Malaya met her first racial riot. It was one to leave lasting scars on the country, with one of them being the forced resignation of then-Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, who was succeeded by Tun Abdul Razak, father of the current Prime Minister. It also resulted in the NEP, a well-intentioned initiative to better the lot of the bumiputras in Malaysia.

It would be very tempting to make this as part of a conspiracy theory or as a “so this is how we came to where we are in Malaysia and thus where all corruption began” but today is not that kind of day.

I had a fairly good day, filled with laughter, headdesking with fun, and lots of exercise (my thighs promise they will kill me tomorrow). I am lucky and grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunity over the years to work with people who are not of my ethnicity (which isn’t difficult, considering I’m mixed) and so I will only say this.

Remember May 13, 1969, by all means, But remember too, that we have had many others that did not turn out as bloody. And remember that eternal vigilance, to watch the flame that threatens to burst into bloody conflagration through the machinations of politicians and our silence in not calling them out and our friends who follow their rhetoric, is the price we pay for this peace.


Also, in case you were wondering, I actually forgot about the date. Was thinking about what to write and this came up, so… :p heh.