[Quickie] Motorola Modular Phone

Android Authority News Flash: MotoMods

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I should really start getting ready to go to work, but I couldn’t stop and stare at this. The new Motorola Z is MODULAR! That means you can add things to it to enhance the functionality of the phone, such as a camera module, battery module, and so much more. From the video by Android Authority above, you can see how it simply snaps on and is held by very strong magnets.

This is exciting! It’s closer to Project Ara than LG G5’s friends was (sorry LG) and for once, I actually approve of a thin-designed phone (I hate them cause usually they’re too thin and weightless for me). The new Moto Zs (video from Bawang’s Twitter feed, who has more photos, go see!) have a very nice back design, so you can go without the mods if you don’t want to (though the question is, why would you?).

This is far better than the design LG proposed, and it seems to be much more well-thought out (yes I know they came from Project Tango/Ara and thus this is not a surprise). I can’t wait to see what else Lenovo has in store, and I’m really hoping for the magnetic modular trend to pick up and set developers on FIRE because Motorola’s magnets looks like something that can be standardised easier than LG’s “plug into phone battery slot” design.

Onwards and upwards to modular design!

PS: Bawang I’m jelly you got to go! :p