[Quickie] Pokémon Go has finally launched in Malaysia!

Krabby from Pokémon Go

Yes, it has, at last! There’s plenty written on the Net about how to play Pokémon Go so I won’t repeat them, but if you are planning to play in Malaysia, here’s some things you should know:

  • If you’re bored, or in need of a ride, jump on a Pokémobile ride via local ride-sharing service Grab to your next Pokéstop! Rides come with some fairly fun goodies
  • Hotlink, a local prepaid telco, has also launched some great promotions. Hotlink customers will get a 10% discount on all Pokémon Go in-app purchases via Hotlink Cash Online
  • Local Ingress players will have a slight advantage. Majority of local portals, especially Na Tuk Gongs, are Pokestops

Personally, I am expecting Digi and Celcom to also attempt to cash in on the Pokemon Go craze. Hotlink has obviously claimed team Valor for themselves (both are red) which means Digi should be Instinct and Celcom Mystic. It’s interesting how all three colours are the colours of the biggest telcos in Malaysia, aren’t they…..