[Quickie] CM Storm Trigger Typing Test

As you can tell, I have a new toy! For our anniversary this year, the bear presented me with a CM Storm Trigger keyboard. It was on sale at Ultimate Zone and I had been lusting for a fully-lit keyboard for months now. The keys are Cherry MX brown. If you wanna know what I wrote, continue reading.

This is a quick typing test for the Cm Storm Trigger keyboard. As you can tell, it is far quieter than my CM Quickfire Pro. This is of course, mainly because this is a Cherry MX Brown switch instead of a Blue. I notice though, that the travel for this is significantly longer than my Quickfire, so getting used to the travel is something that I think I’ll have to practice in quite a bit. It’s the same as my Quickfire all over again; I have to look at the keyboard to type instead of simply typing by looking at the screen.

Got this on offer from the Ultimate Zone store in Jaya One. It was a pretty good deal too; RM299 for this model. The main reason I was gifted this by the BF was because I’ve been hankering over a fully backlit keyboard for quite some time now. He decided to surprise me with this since it was our anniversary. How do I like this keyboard so far?

Well, as you can tell it’s much quieter than my Quickfire. It’s also got quite a few unusual quirks. For instance, to use the Windows key as it was intended, I actually needed to download the CM trigger program and then remap the key. That was quite an odd thing to do. Another thing is that there’s no way to press the Function key once and have it activated till it’s turned off. This was what I used to do with my Quickfire, and not having this is kind of throwing me off. I actually have to press and hold the Alt Macro key to do this, but it’s something minor. Most likely muscle memory will take care of it in a bit.

And that’s it for my initial review of the CM Trigger. Have a thought or opinion? Leave a comment below and let me know!