What is blu the little blue plushie from tuber simulator?

Blu the little blue plushie from Tuber Simulator

Blu is that little guy you see in the screenshot. Yes, that rabbit plushie thing. If you’re here only for the “blu the little blue plushie” quest, good luck and have fun in Tuber Simulator!

And hello to everyone else who stayed and read beyond that first line. Yes, I’m playing Tuber Simulator by PewDiePie. Started playing it when BasicShep, Ashentric and Silvennia mentioned it in the group chat and found myself fascinated a few minutes later. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a famous content creator aka YouTuber… you’ve come to the right place.

Tuber Simulator, as you can tell, is a “clicker” type of game. If you’ve played stuff like Tiny Tower, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is, as PennyArcade points out, a simple and charming game, but it’s best played in small bursts. Like most other clickers, your biggest investments will be in the first three hours; afterwards things take quite a bit of time to happen, so you can put your phone down and do something else.

One of the things I found most amusing and true to life was how outrageous the video names got. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS was, for a short time, the most popular video on my list (it hit two of the trending genres of the time, so it was no surprise), which was quickly supplanted by of all things..

Midget Pawn.

Yes, that pun is cute but it also speaks to those who’ve created Youtube channels etc with the hope of making it big. It reminds me a lot of what I would imagine the beginning life of a Youtube tech reviewer or someone similar to be; you create a lot of random Youtube videos with the hope of finding that ONE thing that distinguishes you from the rest, you use everything (including your dog, which is one way to get boosts in the game), waiting to get things delivered and then trying to make cash the best way you can.

Is it going to stay on my phone? Maybe for the next few weeks cause I do want something to play when I have no Internet connection, but it will probably go along the way of Tiny Tower in a month or so.

So play it while you can and people can still add you as friends. Mine’s Sionna, by the way. :p

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