2016: A Review and Goodbye

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I am glad that 2016 will be over soon.

I wouldn’t even call it a balanced year. While there were some spots of light, there were many more dark moments. 2016 is like that sarcastic uncle you always wanted to punch – a man who makes a spectacle simply because he can. Sometimes he does good deeds, but for most part you just want to rip him a new one.

January started fairly ok for me. There was the excitement of a new job plus plenty of handovers. Did I mention that I finally bought my apartment and the key handover had happened? I actually enjoyed it a lot. It also reminded me that I kind of like teaching/lecturing a bit. Blogged quite a bit too.

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February was Chinese New Year, and then subsequently, new job. Then came the first inkling that 2016 was going to be a superbly bad year – my dad died on the third day of my new job. It was a whirl of activity and madness. Things settled down after a while and on the surface everything seemed ok.

I threw myself into work in March. Got up to speed with a lot of things. Work was ok but still suffered a little from quality issues. It was my first time in an agency after all. Started playing around with improving the blog’s SEO, but nothing much beyond that. Celebrated mom’s birthday, had a short getaway. I was still, if I read my blog entries properly, filled with optimism.

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April was the bear’s birthday. We had a celebration and it was good. Also the same month I started trying to rent out the apartment – with dad gone, I didn’t want to leave mom all by herself, so I decided to delay renovating the apartment for a year.

Work-wise I started handling more things by myself. Also the stressors started getting to me, but as it was only in batches, I thought I could handle it (hah!). This was also the month I started playing with makeup.

May was when I tried good black coffee for the first time. It was really nice and great, but I still prefer milk. Also known as the start of the GRR Whatsapp Chat Group (200+ messages in less than an hour I love you guys you know who you are). Also I discovered that whatever New York Skin Solution uses, it’s not good for my skin. Did my first annual med exam and received a clean bill of health – also good news was that I did not inherit my dad’s congenital heart issue.

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June was my birthday month. Mom got me a moonstone, Tiara got me a blue agate. Both are calming and my carry-everywhere. It was also the month where everything began to fall apart at work.

July was… a little hard. Dad’s birthday and the first without him. It was bittersweet. Celebrated Raya with the family. And who knew… it was going to be the last Raya I saw my eldest aunt alive. Office also moved to a new place and I explored Snapchat. Erm.. nope. I think I was also Pokemon Go-ing at this point. 😛

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August was Team Ex outing. 😀 Attended Kal and Mugen’s wedding. I’m glad for them. Tried a few apps. Worked a lot. And suffered the first barrage to my confidence. I think it was around here anyway. This was also the month where I was sick for two weeks. The longest I’ve been sick.

September was Totoro concert! It was also a month that I travelled with mom to Genting alone for the first time. I love my mom but this also reminded me how she can drive me insane. Also the bear and me began switching to Allo (Google when can I get my desktop support? kthxbai). Got my Colorpop and was horribly disappointed at the effects too. My Black Moon Trinity though? Gorgeous!

October was when I created a blog post that went viral. It’s still getting hits till today, and I should look into making another one that’s similar but it’s kinda hard to guess what game is going to be popular. xD Also the same month I began reading One Piece (finished it in 2 weeks). Which reminds me I need to finish watching Yuri!! On Ice soon.

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October/November saw me and mom travelling to Singapore for bro’s final exam. It was delicious and full of Adventure!

Then November saw us burning paper money for my grandmother (!#$#@%@$^@!#&@!@). It was also the first year I skipped Nanowrimo. With work and what was happening, I couldn’t find the will to write, much less the inspiration to do so. GRR also had a fun thanksgiving, with the discovery of new superhero Crotchtorch James. :p My RealName website is also up, but I consider it a soft launch till I get more things on it. 😀

In December, I went down to Singapore again to help pass bro stuff. There was the Secret Santa exchange for work, and finally, this upcoming trip to Vietnam. Oh, and did I mention my aunt passed away in October too? So yeah, I’m done with 2016.

Let’s not even get started on the many celebrity deaths, some of whom were my heroes. Instead, here’s to the end of 2016. May 2017 be kinder to us.

Before I go, I do want to mention that there were plenty of light in the year as well. It’s just that the shadows hid them that I forgot they were there till I opened my Instagram. And since this post is getting kinda long, it’s going to be something I’ll mention in the next entry. Till then, may the Goddess watch over us all, and may your steps be kind.