Quickie life update

Thanks to the awesome people at Exabytes Malaysia, Ink to Screen (this website) and my realname blog is now SSL-certified. It broke a few things in the process though, so if you see it, let me know.

I wrote this entry mainly as a small update to remind myself that I exist and this time exists. The days are passing by quicker and I don’t seem to take too much note of them. I don’t want to reflect and see that I didn’t write or take note of the things happening at this time.

I don’t want gaps in my memory, basically. That’s the main reason why I’m writing this. Besides, my journal is already full of my emotional ups and downs (and even that’s kind of drying up), so this should be more about my day-to-day.

So here’s a short list of note:

  • While I can take some spicy food (Nyonya Colours’ weak Chicken Curry being one of them), apparently Indomie Mi Goreng Original is too spicy for me.
  • Summerfield Chocolate Milk is delicious. However, it also triggers my lactose intolerance (current record is 20 minutes on an empty stomach)
  • So does Farm Fresh. As both are about the same price (Summerfield tends to go on discount more often though) I will usually buy based on what’s available.
    • Chocolate milk is a lovely <3 indulgence.
  • Work is both interesting and terrifying. On some days it is great, on others I wonder why in the world did I think I can go from consumer-facing to pure corporate. It’s a learning curve and I’m impatient to be done with it.
  • I sometimes feel like I am reverting to a immature brat, because I would rather hide my head in the sand and pretend certain interpersonal issues do not exist.
    • Other times I vaguebook or subtweet to lash out at people and hope they will pick a fight with me. Juvenile, I know.

On a slightly longer note, I am also slowly moving to a biphasic sleep cycle. Or a somewhat similar cycle. It’s a very straightforward change and takes advantage of the hours I wouldn’t be able to spend socialising cause people are not around.

My current working hours are 6am to 3pm. I get home by 4pm, go to bed, and take a 2 hour nap or so. By 630pm I am ready to meet people or have dinner or, as you can see from the video above, start playing some computer games. This means I sleep a bit later at 1030pm. Doing so lets me spend more time with the people I care about, including sitting in front of the TV watching China dramas with mom.

The reason for the switch is because I am going to have a medical check-up this Friday. I need to fast for 8 hours before doing my blood test, and since I set my appointment for 11am this means I needed to stop eating around 2am. Problem? I am usually asleep by 9pm or have my dinner at 6pm, and I know enough that if I don’t have a bite by 8am I would be starving.

Waiting till 11am? I think I might faint.

So… what’s up with you?