April Update

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Oh wow it’s May already.

Entry’s a little late this time because work has just been kicking my ass. That and there was a spate of public holidays in the last two weeks of April, so my sense of time has been a bit more off than usual. Which is funny because I know I used to be one of the time sensitive people I knew.

But April overall has been good to me. Work’s been increasing in load and tempo, and the last week especially was quite a hard one to get through. I sometimes wonder if I made the right choice and whether they feel I’m actually worth my weight. Fun thing though – my boss thinks I’m doing a great job.

A quick summary of things in April:

  • Watched AVENGERS: ENDGAME the Thursday it came out and managed to both avoid spoilers and from accidentally spoiling others
  • Had an awesome tea with the ladies, complete with some spilling of tea too, though the location itself was just meh
  • There was also journal jam the next day – that was a great dinner spent with the girls and discovering new methods to journal (stamps are dangerous)
  • Went up to Genting with mom, auntie and her husband. That was a fairly trying trip
  • April was also Ching Beng. This means visiting the graveside of my maternal relatives. It was a very eye-opening experience this year, especially since there has been quite a lot of changes on that side in the last year alone
  • There was also a lot of travelling but not for me – the bear had a work trip and part of my April was spent going solo where I tried to continue my Konmari efforts
  • Oh, and I also got myself a new watch! I picked up the Galaxy Watch Active as recommended by the Bear – it’s much lighter than my Pebble with quite a bit more functionality (quick replies are a godsend!) Battery life is significantly better than I anticipated with about 2 days
  • Also bought crane-themed and Japanese-themed washi from an online store I’d been meaning to buy from. One of the best purchases I’ve made in my journalling journey

Overall, April has been… hectic to say the least. My Google Maps showed I travelled quite a bit in April, mainly doing a lot of family trips and running around. There are quite a few opportunities I made the best of, I feel, and a few more I think I should have capitalised on, but it is what it is.

And now onwards to May!