May Update (very late)

It completely slipped my mind till today, 4 June 2019, that I haven’t done my May write up. If you have me on Instagram or Twitter you may already know that part of this is because…


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Yeah, so when I mentioned that April was a bit hectic, this was one of the reasons why. The story is slightly anti-climatic; we originally wanted to get registered before a certain date to claim Selangor’s Marriage Allowance but we found out the project had been terminated as of November 2018, so it didn’t really matter when we registered.

However, since he was going to be travelling for quite a bit and we have sort of stabilised ourselves with our new routines and such, we decided we might as well get it done now. So we applied to get married in April and selected a nice date in May. Note, this is only the civil registration.

For those who don’t know, Malaysia has a pretty unique (or so I am told) marriage registration system for non-Muslims. It’s a part of a two-step process actually – the first (almost always) is the civil registration.

This is when you go to a National Registration Department (NRD) that can do weddings to register your marriage. Weddings/Registrations held here will always be on a weekday. Alternately, you can also do it at selected Chinese temples, which would allow you to have the event on a weekend. The only thing is you need to bring your birth certificate, just so they are clear that at least one of you is a follower of that religion.

So in April we stopped by NRD, filed some paperwork, and then took that paperwork over to the Temple to register. The temple provided their own Registrar but they needed us to do the initial legwork. Once we booked our date then that was all there is. We just needed to get a pair of rings and done… more or less.

The second half of the wedding is usually the actual cultural ritual. This may be a church wedding, a temple event or the famous Chinese tea-serving ceremony. It doesn’t have to be done on the same day of the civil registration, and in fact most couples opt to do it long after to both minimise costs and wedding chaos.

Registration prep

Took up a lot of time and a lot of space on my mind. I am glad it is over now though. The hardest part was finding rings we liked at a price point we were happy with, because it was either a nice design but really pricey or nice price but old fashioned design.

In the end we found what ticked both boxes at Wah Chan – we have also learnt that yes, you do need to walk into different jewellery shops (even if they are the same franchise!) to find your rings because they all vary.

Journalling high

I… bought quite a few things because there were various sales happening. One of the things I am most glad was buying this huge digital gadget bag with portable dividers for my stationery. Made it easy to carry them around.

** Friends may laugh at me because in June I ended up buying another pencil case to keep my mushrooming collection of pens, but that is an entry for next month.

I also began experimenting with layouts and sticking various things in my journal. There was also very serious considerations of getting a printer, but I think I probably will not unless they go sub RM200 or something for an ink tank model (yes I know this is not going to happen anytime soon).

Having a lot of pens actually made me think of restarting my podcast again. I stopped it due to time considerations (and editing, but holy crap am I lazy at editing despite being a part time voice actress shhhh) but I feel like these pens don’t get enough love and yes, I do really enjoy working with them.

This also means that in the last few journal entries, I have been focused more on writing rather than layout and design, though I have dabbled with a bit of art now and then. Writing is still the most therapeutic form for me, though simple doodles and colouring have also played equal parts, to the point where I actually just draw random stuff in my journal instead of actually writing.

My journal my rules lol.

Junior went missing

In the last week of May, Junior, our family dog, went missing. He was out for his regular walk and never came back. Someone said they’d found him but let him go due to space constraints, and we’ve been scouring the neighbourhood for him since. ;_;

As of today, it’s been approximately 27 days since he went missing. And yes, we did the whole social media and posting of posters thing. Still no sound after the initial message from the person who found him that first night. The other leads did not pan out. 🙁

Actual date this entry is posted?

Yes, probably towards the end of June. Things have been super hectic as I fell sick quite a bit in June and work ramped up to insane levels. There’s organised chaos, and there’s organised chaos. For once I think I will be glad to see June’s out. It was, like most Gemini things, a month of chaos, but May was just the hint of the storm to come.