June 2019 update

20190626_142602 (1)

This is one of those updates that are late, simply because life literally got in my way.

Or rather, my “small” mango, but that is an update for another day.

Today however, as late as it is, I want to recap what happened in June.

A reason for this is so that I have a memory of what happened in June, because otherwise I could forget unless a stray photo reminds me. For another, I have not had the inkling nor desire to journal for some time, so this is not a bad way for me to chronicle my month.

Image of pens in pencil case

June was kicked off in a big way by the Popular Bookfest. I went there to check stationery out, not intending to buy more than perhaps a pen or two if I saw something interesting, but as it turns out there were more deals than I expected.

Among the things I got were fineliners I had been eyeing, a Kokuyo pencil case for travel, new editions of the Duo Tone Pentel Gel ink, stickers (but of course) and some unexpectedly cute but super thick washi tape (which I instantly regretted in a “I should have realised it was this big” kind of way).

I had a ridiculous flu (which, in hindsight, makes me wonder if it was a sign of things to come) in the second week of June, but that didn’t stop me from taking my colleague to Stickerrific. Raya Hols are wonderful when traffic is clear (from Jaya One to Bukit Bintang in less than 40 minutes and this is with me getting lost is incredible timing!).

Stationery supplies

I also went to the Bookfest for the second time that same week to pick up the main deal and reason why I wanted to go there in the first place – Kokuyo’s large washi tape cutters were on sale at RM10 per piece. When the original is around RM18 – RM20 it’s definitely a good buy. I also picked up Tombows which I had been meaning to play around with, along with some really gorgeous and nice to use Juice Up pens.

The following week was me clearing my room, followed by celebrating my birthday. This year felt quite chillax compared to the years before, and I appreciated the husband taking me out to lunch and trying Xin Fu Tang with me. On another note, the bubble tea trend which started beginning of June shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. People do need to feed their sugar addiction I suppose (says the sugar addict herself).

Food collage
Actually looking through my photos for June, if there was one word to describe it, the word would be indulge. I took the opportunity to indulge and treat myself, from hanging out with friends to buying things for myself.

Remember I said I went wild with the stationery? I also bought a pair of Xiaomi Airdots (NOT the Redmi, those are black, mine are in white), which is a really nice pair of wireless earbuds. Reason I got them was because the ones I got back in September died. One side of the earbuds went kaput and the seller wasn’t willing to honour the warranty, insisting that if I wanted them to honour it I would need to pay for shipping back to China, so in the end I decided to blacklist them and just get a proper brand name that I would at least recognise.

Nintendo Switch

I was also “encouraged” by the husband to get a Nintendo Switch, which I did after coming across several good deals. Several days later I was told that another acquaintance could have scored me a cheaper one but eh too late.

Collection of cute animal postcards

June was spent in a haze of playing games, good food and hanging out with friends. Work was getting intense though, so I brought along some “friends” to work to make me smile.

As to my small mango well… that’s coming soon!