July 2019 update

Leia from Stickerrific

So July was a very eventful month for me. Somewhat. The biggest event of the month led to me getting very little done, work-wise, but I am still here, and I am still able to write, so for that, I am grateful.


The small mango

For those who aren’t following me on Twitter, Insta or the like, well, I was hospitalised in July. What had begun as stomach pain was actually a huge fibroid. This fibroid had grown to the size of a small mango (my words, not the doc’s), and was pressing down on my other organs, leading to epic pain and helplessness.

I have another entry lined up about the full details about that, but suffice to say, thanks to the small mango, I now have an inkling of what menopause holds for me in a few decades.

Thank you for those who came to visit me while I was warded and those who followed up. I love you all.

Platinum Night Haul


I paid a few visits to Stickerrific for various reasons, including cat therapy. Just taking their photos alone makes me happy. There’s a certain charm and patience about them.

Also I bought new pens. And attended the Platinum Fountain Pen night, which celebrated their 25th anniversary. I ended up getting two Preppys and replacement cartridges at a massive discount (thanks guys!).

Chewie from Stickerrific

Getting up to speed

I still feel like I am moving very slowly. There were a lot of things that happened at work as well – projects coming to fruition, colleagues going on leave, and other things.

I’m just glad that July is over. And yes I know I am posting this end of August but I should have something new coming up soon hahaha.

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