The delight of a new computer

Bai 1
Meet BaiQ!


So several months ago, the hubs built his new PC. I had PC envy, and started talking with him about getting me a new gaming desktop. Now the desktop he was previously using was actually mine (I had switched over to a laptop a few years ago for both Nano and on-the-go writing/freelancing) but it was really showing its age. It was about 8 years old by the time it returned to me this year, and I got it in 2014 (I actually bought it second-hand from another friend who’d been using it for a few years). 

My darling Envy the laptop, did a pretty good job of letting me surf and game a bit but was really struggling with some of the games I played. If I played games released before 2010 it was fine (think Zeus, Age of Empires, etc) but anything released in the last five years had pretty bad pixellation and stuttering, of course not including pixel-art and similar games. 

The reason? Envy didn’t have a dedicated GPU so that contributed to a lot of PC bottlenecking. This eventually lead to both me getting a Switch and dropping playing any new releases from the last decade or so, since Envy was my primary machine and I’d given the desktop over to the hubs. 

The requirements

Since it had been close to a decade since the current desktop was built, hubs and I spoke quite a bit about building a new machine for me. We ended up with a config that was very close to his, with a few changes: it needed to be very quiet because I was planning to do recordings with it sometimes, and it needed to have more RGB because if I was going to get a computer with a tempered glass side panel YOU CAN BET I WANTED IT TO LIGHT UP.

And that, my dear reader, is how I ended up with this spec: 

Case: be quiet! PURE BASE 500DX


CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Graphics: GTX 750Ti

RAM: 16GB Corsair VENGEANCE PRO RGB (White) 3600MHz

Drive: Adata XPG Spectrix S40G – 1TB

Cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock 2

Building weekend

Despite it being Merdeka weekend, the items were delivered pretty quickly… except the be quiet! case. The original store I bought from kept delaying delivery, until I called them up on Friday (note: I ordered the previous Saturday).

First the salesperson promised they’d send it out for delivery by Friday itself but by Saturday morning there was no update and so I cancelled the order. When I cancelled the order they called me immediately so I gave the phone to the hubs who had no qualms tearing the caller a new one about the delay and broken promises.

In any case, that Saturday the hubs and me rushed over to Dotatech IT after WhatsApping them – they confirmed and reserved the case for me. The rush was mainly due to the Shopee guarantee for the received parts – we needed to build the PC to ensure all parts were in working condition in case of any *touch wood* warranty issues.

Bai 5
Building in progress!

Hubs then spent most of the afternoon building BaiQ – and it didn’t help the day was SUPER HOT and we were having that stupid water cut. In the process he let me put in the CPU (AAAAAAAAAA PINS) and the SSD (OMG tiny!) but I needed him to put in the RAM because HOLY HELL stifffffffffff! 

Once everything was assembled and all the cables were sorted out (one of my HDMI cables was damaged in the process – don’t ask), the hubs immediately put in the BIOS update thumb drive and switched it on. 

Bai 4
Ignore the wiring at the back, what is cable management…

AND SHE POSTED! (meaning we could see the BIOS screen). Was so cool to see her spinning and all the pretty pretty pretty colours come to life. I’m going to just leave the RGB on without changing anything because I am loving this effect – it reminds me a lot of looking at an aquarium. 

How fast can you go?

In terms of performance, BaiQ is fast. Very fast. But even I didn’t anticipate the speed – my fastest Windows 10 installation was 30 minutes before this. BQ took 10. 

TEN. MINUTES. To install Windows. 

It was literally blink and already done, and yes this includes the time needed to connect to the Internet and linking my MSFT account. 

This is mainly because with such fast components, even the act of decompressing downloaded files becomes super quick. And it’s not just for installing Windows – a bunch of programs I downloaded and install took mere seconds or even minutes to complete (even a 70GB patch for Path of Exile) thanks to this upgrade. 

Bai 2
Spinning spinning spinning!

Some of you may have noticed I am using a pretty old graphics card, and that’s where the current bottleneck is. You are correct. This card is actually from the hub’s own former desktop, and it is enough while I save up cash to get: 

  • A possible RTX 3060 or 3070 (siao ah get 3090???)
  • New power supply to support said graphics card (current one is definitely underpowered if I want a 30 series)
  • A new monitor that’s at least 27″ or (the dream) a 32″ ultra wide
  • Optional: Decent set of speakers or possibly one that’s integrated with the monitor because I be lazy like that

This second upgrade will most likely be only in the second half of 2021 simply because a life upgrade I was planning for has finally kicked in (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT). Plus I am not in a real rush anyway. BaiQ is more than enough for my needs… for now.