Insomnia after light exercises: A story

A few days ago, the hubs and I committed ourselves to a 30 minute walk daily, just before dinner. Since it was going to be a light walk, we didn’t really need to do anything more than wear our walking shoes and leave the house.

The first day we started, the weather was nice and cooling, perfect weather for a walk (thanks monsoon season). We had an easy pace and ended up walking for about 45 minutes according to our trackers.

It was also the day before I went back to work, so after an early dinner and decompressing, I went to bed.

And then proceeded to toss and turn for several hours before falling asleep due to sheer exhaustion.

I’m no stranger to insomnia, but this one in particular was very unexpected. My body was exhausted, my eyes kept closing, but my mind wouldn’t shut up. This was very different from my usual bouts of insomnia.

At first I chalked it up to nervousness going back to work after the holiday period, and so I snatched naps during both my lunch hour and after work.

Then it happened again that second night, though this time wasn’t too bad – I got at least 4 hours of sleep. At this point I knew it wasn’t hormones (which was my first thought) and suspected it was the daily walks instead.

So I decided to Google and see if light exercise could cause insomnia, which in my mind was a weird thing, as exercise is supposed to help you sleep better. Turns out yes, you can get insomnia after light exercise. According to the Daily Burn exercise increases your core body temperature, which can lead to sleepless nights. I had another link which I can’t find now which also pointed out that dehydration could also interfere with the body’s ability to cool down.

So putting the two together, I realised that my insomnia was due to not getting enough fluids to counter dehydration, and I had been lazy when it came to drinking enough water in the first place. The reason why I slept better on the second night was most likely due to generous helpings of bah kut teh, aka super soupy dinner.

Thus after I found out I made it a point to keep my water tumbler filled and avoid diuretic drinks like tea after 3pm. Result? By the third day I was falling asleep quickly like I had just a week prior. And I didn’t need to change my habits much either.

So this is just a long blogpost to say hi, I’m still alive, yes, I’m still writing and Happy New Year. Also if this is the trial period before the new year properly starts can I get a refund and a new package?

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