FanI go by many nicknames, but I’m normally known as Naoko, Ionna or Geminianeyes, depending on where you know me from. Real-life acquaintances call me Patricia. I’m a wordsmith with a penchant for writing wonderfully whimsical words.

Revised 12 May, 2010

Individual Name: Geminianeyes
Main Species: Homo Sapien
Subspecies: Fangirl
Classification: Rabid, Class C
Appearance: Classified
Religion: What’s that?
Political leanings: Skeptical
Amused: Easily
Professional: Link it!

– Writer
– Typist for various personalities*
– Blogger
– Gamer
– Reader
– Friend
– Counsellor
– Daughter
– Wife

Characters Played/ Musewhipped by:
– Naoko Kensaku
– Sukina Toriyama
– Kishan Takami.
– Ta’Lern
– Anra
– Annwn **

Domains Owned:
– Geminianeyes (Website)
– Jiat (Kingdom)
– Akashic Records (Meta dimension)

Freelance enquiries:
Please email beta DOT read DOT edit AT Gmail.com

*Note: Like many writers and typists, Geminianeyes’ own headspace does NOT belong to her. For a full list of those living in her head, please refer to the list provided.

**Note from Sukina: The rest of the characters that used to share her headspace have since moved on. They include but are not limited: to Erk’s Pants, Michiru Kaioh, and the Lost and Found Department of the Nexus, Sages of Chaos district. The only exception to this rule is Komarasu and Mien of 18tails, as those are her original characters.

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