Do and Don’ts

This section will cover:

1. Blog comments and management
In general, I allow any and all comments here except spam. However, I reserve the right to edit your comment for clarity. Comments that are clearly trolling and flaming will be given ONE chance to put their views in a coherent manner. Should the commenter fail to exhibit any manners, courtesy and especially coherency, you WILL be banned and your comments will be deleted on sight.

You will also NOT use my blog to defame anyone, especially my friends. If you want Internet Drama, that’s what Livejournal is for.

2. How you may use this Blog
Link all you want, but please leave a pingback or trackback to the entry you quoted. If you have a question, you can drop me a mail at admin AT geminianeyes DOT com or AT gmail DOT com

I will generally accept requests to link and quote contents posted here. Note though, if you wish to link to items located in the Songs/Lyrics category, especially in regards to Lyrics Translations, I’d appreciate it if you could link DIRECTLY to the people whom I quoted. They’re the ones who did the hard work.

3. Attributing, quotations
Please see Point 2. Also, leave a comment in the relevant entry saying you’ve quoted my work. Thank you.

4. Have a Question? Drop me an email!
I’m more or less online all the time (except when I’m sleeping), so you can drop me a line anytime via:

– MeeboMe! (in the sidebar)
– Email: AT geminianeyes DOT com
– Email 2: AT gmail DOT com
– If you really need me LIEK OMG RIGHT NOW! You can catch me on AIM, username PriestessNaoko

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