Mid-October update

Winner everywhere KL Concert

It’s been a while. Life has been fairly routine in the last six months or so, but when I look back at the photos I’ve either uploaded to Google Photos or Instagram, it’s been a pretty interesting trip. Some of the highlights include:

First Kpop concert!

I love Winner and I stan Jinu. Sunday night was unreal though and the concert was such a visual feast that my brain still has issues putting memory to the songs they sang. It was absolutely epic. Rin got Tuna and me great seats and it was quite awesome.

Fave sets have to be the remix of Really Really, Love Me Love Me, and the boys’ individual sets. Also Hoony’s skin is epic flawless. He barely showed any sweat at all what is this!

From an event organiser point of view, I was very impressed. The entire thing was run pretty well – most people started going in after 5pm (concert was scheduled to start at 630pm) and entry was smooth. There were enough ushers who knew where to put people. Concertgoers were really polite and those who had to go past others to their seats were apologetic (Tuna and me got front row seats at the corner so we needed to get up and let people through but that was fine!).

The other interesting thing was that the concert started early and ended on time – it was about 2.5 hours and we were all out of the stadium by about 845pm, though we only left the area much later because hello post-concert traffic.

KL night view

Took photos and started Inktober

So I have started doing Inktober though I’m currently behind. Using LordofNowhere’s prompt to draft a probable story for Nanowrimo. I may not attempt it this year, but I have kind of two possible story ideas I want to explore so there’s that.

Inktober planning has mostly gone out the window but one of the things I’ve observed about myself is that I like doing inking that require me to avoid filling in the blanks, aka using a black background instead of a white. It makes the work seem more conscious somehow – that I’m learning what to leave out rather than sketching in the details.

Photos wise I’ve been able to grab some really gorgeous photos and made use of the selfie stick I finally bought after weeks of deliberation. Completely happy with my purchase though now I need to find new excuses to carry and use it frequently. Bonus: Selfie stick came with a set of lenses that made taking pics a trip!

Cut off my hair!

After about 3 years I think I finally cut off my hair. Was planning to donate it but I could not find the opportunity (I couldn’t make it to the saloon or they couldn’t accommodate me etc) so in the end I went elsewhere and got it all chopped off.

My only regret is that I may have timed this wrongly – it’s the rainy season now and the office is stupid cold.

Attended a Music of Hans Zimmer concert

Suffice to say that this was incredible and holy crap I have missed listening to instrumentals that tell a story without needing words.

Travelled to Bangkok

Went there for a company trip. It was amazing and interesting. Also said goodbye to some people. That was a bit depressing. Played with some AR.


Slide numbers and caps changing

Office 365 quick post

Removing slide numbers from Powerpoint Office 365

  1. Click on the Insert tab.
  2. Select the Header and Footer option (towards the right of the screen).
  3. Uncheck the Slide Number option
    • If you’re just changing the title slide then click on “Don’t show on title slide” at the bottom
  4. Click “Apply to All” and close the tab.

The information on the official MS Office page seems to have completely forgotten the menu is hidden by default.

Sentence case to ALL CAPS and Title Case

Shortcuts for changing caps in MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel:

  • Word and Powerpoint
    Select and press Shift + F3 till you get the desired caps.
  • Excel
    1. Insert temporary column next next to the column you want to change caps.
    2. Use a formula to change the caps, i.e.
      =Proper(click on the cell you want to change the caps of)
      =lower(click on the cell you want to change the caps of)
      =UPPER(click on the cell you want to change the caps of)
    3. Copy the values in the temporary column.
    4. Right click anywhere else and Paste as Values.
    5. Delete temporary column.

Putting this here mainly for my own convenience. I suppose there is a reason why Excel’s a special case but really Microsoft, the fact that I had to write this entry in the first place says a lot about the total failure of your SEO.

Fiction, Scribe's Journey

[Scribe’s Journey] Prologue

Playing with a new short story format, which includes videoing my attempts to write. I have no idea where this story is going nor when it will end (though my gut thinks I’ll give up in about 5 weeks’ time or sooner. We shall see. In any case, enjoy this quick piece! 

This is, of course, a way to play with my keyboard. Of course, I hope that the you who is reading this, will understand that I did not mean to leave you. I never did. You were one of the (in)constants of my life, despite me never having to look for you.

Your companionship was something I did not hope for, though it was a nice surprise when it did come. I wonder if the colours here will blind you. My apologies and I beg your forgiveness. It would seem that the habits that brought me first to the boroughs of the Internet still yet lived.

But how rude I am.

I forgot to introduce myself. I am the Scribe Writus. It is a pompous name, I know, but it is all I have for now. Allow me to the privacy, if nothing else. This world has been confusing, but to be honest, it has also been much welcome.

You see me pressing the backspace a lot, do you not? It is a wonderful thing, this technology we now have. Words need only to be written, and they can be corrected or wiped away so very easily.

We humans are still creatures of stories of ideas and of narratives, but we are also creatures of imprecision. There are those of us, of course, who know exactly what to write and what to say…

But for the most part, imprecision rules, if only because it is the emotions and the ideas that we want to convey that matters, and precious little things.

Ah, you wonder where I am going with this. You have seen the video, have you not? The same place where I have been writing this, and you can see my efforts in real time. Fear not. In this first video, you will see all the mistakes, all the “typos” as you call them (I will never get used to that) and all my grammar gone wrong.

It will not be the last. I will not always record for you this way. I will not always write in this manner, so live that you can then catch up on your PC later. But you will always be able to find a record of this, and sooner rather than later.

I hope to see you again soon. Thank you for taking this 5 minutes to listen to me type, or perhaps it was the keyboard you were interested in. Then again, thank you for reading this story.

Shall we meet again, in about a week’s time, perhaps at 8.30pm GMT +8? I would very much like to see if this experiment can be repeated.


A thought on GBF’s latest event

The world is on fire.

Let’s not kid ourselves. If you are an English speaker and spend any amount of time online, it’s hard not to miss the dumpster fire that is our world right now. A lot of rights are under threat or being co-opted by fascists, trolls and general pieces of shit that delight in making the world that much more miserable for the rest of us, sucking out any possible joy from the day.

Tear my heart out why don't you cygames

It’s hard not to just hunker down and hide yourself from the world, from showing any form of vulnerability to anyone just to protect yourself. If your work involves empathising with other human beings, any form of creative expression and in general just trying to make the world a better place, it’s hard not to wonder what’s the point of it all when you see the pedophiles running the place and the loonies stripping you of whatever dignity you had left.

Singing won't turn back time

In times of disaster, art cannot fill the belly. It is powerless in the physical world. It cannot adequately protect from the loss of a home.

Singing won't fill the belly

But to expect that of art is unfair. Art admits it cannot fill the belly. Art admits it is powerless in the face of physical upheaval and the force of nature.

But that is not art’s purpose. It never was.

One of the most amazing things about Granblue Fantasy’s (GBF) writing is that it never quite answers what art is supposed to mean. Everyone has a different (literally) view of art. In fact, in its current mini event, Thought in Song, GBF sends out a timely reminder to all those who pursue any form of creative endeavours, that they need to take care of themselves.

The entire storyline is an expression of love from the writers and designers to the community. It is a comforting message, and in days where people are being hounded because they dared to try to make others feel better, it steels you.

You are needed and wanted.

“We hear you.”

“We know it hurts.”

“We feel the pain, anger, hurt and confusion.”

“We are here for you.”

“We got you.”

Hey, we're here for you.

“We believe in you.”

Thank you, Granblue Fantasy writers, translators and whoever directed this. I needed to hear that.


Edited: Another reason why I love this storyline is because they make it an IMPORTANT POINT to show that art is not something you get by on sheer talent. No, you need to master the basics and practise over and over again until you get it right.

One of the key scenes involves a main character reminiscing about the time he first learnt to paint. There’s also numerous other scenes in Thought in Song where characters either practise or demonstrate the importance of practising.

In this case, literally, practise does make perfect!