It’s over. At least, I think it’s over.

They’re no longer shambling around… at least I can’t hear them doing so. The damned zombies managed to break into the house as I was cooking EGGS of all things, hence my previous post. Thank goodness the typical metal window grates held… I suspect I’ll find all kinds of saliva on them tomorrow morning.

He just called me. He’s safe. They were very well-sheltered, so they managed to escape. No sound from the people we care about though… the channel’s functioning, but barely.

I DO wonder where in the world did I get this irritating splinter in my feet though. It’s beginning to turn yellowish… I’d better put some antiseptic on it.

So, I hope, ends one of the weirdest June 13 I’ve ever had.

Quick thing to eat while on the run

Something to eat:

2 eggs
Some cream

Break eggs into mug. Pour cream and mix well. Heat pan/skillet with some oil, throw in egg and cream mix, then cook to your desire. Fold when half-cooked.

Best of all? You can put the egg in the plate before using the pan as a hot weapon. 😀

Home… for now

They nearly got us.

Went to pick mom up just now and she took her time getting out; I was uneasy as the longer she took, the more the sun fell, the faster darkness came, and with it, I knew TEHY would come. Still, it seemed like there was nothing going on; teh streets were still filled with cars, the buses were all still running and the men were still painting mom’s office.

When we left I tried to persuade her to leave town for a bit, but she insisted on calling dad instead to ask what he wanted for dinner. As everyone seemed to be doing ok, I thought it couldn;t hurt to stop by and get dinner assuming it never reached our area.

I was dead wrong.

When we drove into the street near our houses, we saw cars parke neatly at the side. Oh, there was a funeral down the road… But why were these people shambling? I knew what it was and I wanted to get away from it, but there was a car behind me so I couldn’t reverse. Instead… I had to go forward, and what we saw truly brought home the terror.

So many dead bodies… all decaying… but they still looked evry fresh, only very yellow and pale in the light… I knew I had to get mom and me out of there.

I didn’t care about the people in my way. I ran them down, and tehn ran home. WIth luck, dad and bro would be alive, and we’d be able to get away, but teh horde moved faster than I thought they would… they had climbed over the gate by the time mom and I ran into the doors and shut the wooden doors. Dad managed to improvise a flame blower somehow and bro was holding his many chef knives. I saw them and I knew they were sharp, but smeoeone had said it would invilved getting too close to those… things!

We locked the door, barricaded the front and the back of the house. Our windows are grilled, so we’er fine for now, btu I don’t know for how long.

I wish he was here… if this was my last day as a human being I wished I could spend it with him…

They’re at the door… ALRIGHT YOU MONSTERS! YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME? I DON’T COME CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TO SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You know the phrase calm before the storm? That was exactly what happened.

Remember that anti fuel-hike I was taking about earlier? Well, it’s over now. What’s NOT over is the fact that there are many, many people being attacked. Heard it from a reliable source; majority of the police had a show of force happening in KL for the hike, but they didn’t arrest people NOT because they didn’t want to; they couldn’t. Personnel have been redirected to contain the threats from the graveyard and from what I know… it’s not been pretty. As it stands, they were for once, PREPARED.

The public doesn’t know, not yet, but I’m sure when parents go to pick up their loved ones, they’ll find out. Find out in the most horrible way imaginable. The afternoon might slow them down (I think it has) but I don’t plan on staying here at the office after night falls. My old primary school was built on a graveyard… I can only hope my cousin sister is alright.

But I think it may be too late.

Klang has already fallen. For PJ, it’s only going to a matter of time. The attack will be from two sides.

I should have driven out of the state today.