Happy 2010!

New decade, new millennium and all that! May your paths this year take you to your destination, and may your journeys bring you joy.

Me and the kids. 🙂


If you don’t see me around, don’t worry. I’m still here. Just… mightily distracted by Nanowrimo. And I do have that entry called “Things I like about Windows 7” coming up.

Ok back to novelling. 😀

[Blog] Tweak tweak tweak

Made a few entries into Pending Review mode, as they’ve been the cause of me not having a Page Rank in the past 3 years, not to mention I think it’s finally time they came down anyway. They were my sponsored posts. Now looking to see if the Nuffnang ones will be the ones affecting my page rank.

Should I integrate my Twitter into my blog? Thinking of putting it in the sidebar, but considering how pretty my sidebar is now (mainly text with some small icons) I’m wondering if it’s worth it.