[Politics] A quick thought

Thinking about the Dramawank currently happening in Perak and the AngstFest in Sunway where students of Chin Huat are demonstrating for their lecturer:

The Government that fears the Voice of the People is a Government who will hold on to power at all costs, a shepherd who wants to keep his sheep docile, even if it means slaughtering them mercilessly.


Inspired by a chat with Chet

Written to the Tune of Tegami– A letter to my 15 year old self

The strings pulled at the heart. A young woman’s voice blended harmoniously as the piano keys danced, the strings following behind. At the piano, the young woman sang, but it was not her that was there.

Beyond the piano, a much younger girl stood. It was her voice that came out from the other woman’s. She sang of pain, of torment, of suffering.

The teenager was almost transparent, faded. Her lips moved in time with the young woman’s. As she told the other to keep on believing, her eyes and face contorted with pain. Her hand fist fell upon the table heavily, protesting and trying to tell her older self to keep on believing. She knew the pain of the present, but she believed that the future was so much brighter, that there was something more, that their dreams could be reached.

As the song came to a close, the older woman looked up and saw herself. With a bittersweet smile at each other, she mouthed the words, which the younger sang.

“Dear me, who is reading this letter, I wish you happiness.”

Testing post, Part 2

This is to see if JournalPress will post to both Livejournal and Dreamwidth. Though it then begs the question, what exactly am I going to use DW for? It’s a nice journal, but for writing I already have inksome and this journal. I should probably stop playing around too many sites.

Edit: Well, what do you know? When you move the boxes in WordPress’ admin manager, they will automatically resize themselves to fit the sidebar and bottom bars. Interesting.

*Updates post*

Edit 2: Ok, I found the crossposting customise link section. Now… how do I get them to appear as public?

Edit 3: Apparently, whenever I change a setting and then edit a post, it’ll show up if I set it so (see LJ entry which changed from Private to public). Wondering if I should use back my old box sig though.

Edit 4: I was right. Hmm… put the mirrored to the right, or to the left?

Grandchild of edit: Ok, sleepy time. Nites!