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[Nanowrimo] Wonderful Pep Talk

One of the highlights of Nanowrimo for me has always been the Pep Talks. These are the things that keep me sane, that assure me that I’m not alone doing this crazy push to 50,000 words.

This year’s Pep Talks, even the ones by Nanowrimo founder Chris Baty, have taken some time to sink in. Sure, most of the time they apply to newbies and those who are stuck, but they haven’t talked to me yet.

Not until Maureen Johnson’s. She puts wonderfully into words what I could not describe before this, that the Middle, where the books and drafts are actually written, are addictive.

I’ll leave you with the bits that made me wonderfully happy, and you can read the full Pep Talk here. Happy writing!

And once you’ve crossed The Middle once or twice and you’re lounging on the other side, you’ll find you miss it. You’ll realize you long to be out there again, under the sky and the stars.
The weather changes a lot in the middle. Some days, the skies are dark and it’s hard to find your way forward. Those days are long and little progress is made. Some days, it’s strangely bright and clear, and suddenly you can see the horizon ahead, and dozens of possible paths present themselves to you. But every day is different, and every day there is a new way to go and a new thing to see.

[Nanowrimo] Appearances

Note to self:

White long hair
Golden eyes
Slim build
Stands at least at 6ft

Medium-ish blond hair (short curls around his shoulders)
Blue eyes (I think?)
More muscular than Inari
Stands at least at 5ft 11

*Rereads* Damnit they tower over Naoko. *emos*

[Nanowrimo 2009] Excerpt: Scaring self

Was writing this in a darkened room (my bedroom) on Q10 when my word war alarm beeped and I jumped. Here, have a laugh:

Ta’Lern turned the door’s knob. To his surprise, it turned easily. He looked up at Raishan in surprise. Now they both knew something was wrong; Marissa always locked the door, mainly because it gave her that extra warning time when Renami’s visits were imminent. Though it had been years since they had met, she did it anyway. And she would have never left the door unanswered for this long either. The two brothers came to a consensus fairly quickly; Ta’Lern kicked the door opened.

The smell assaulted them.

Air escaped from the confines of the house out into the open, bringing with it the smell of rotting flesh and so much more. It was at least five days old. Even before their eyes adjusted to the darkness, Ta’Lern and Raishan knew what they would find, having been brought up to kill and on the battlefields. The only question was whose bodies were there.

“Annwn, they’re dead,” Raishan took out a handkerchief and covered his nose.

He followed Ta’Lern in. Stopping by the frame of the door, he used the edge of the gun to switch on the lights. The lights flickered and then came to life. As they did, he heard skitterings in front of him and realised what it was.

There were rodents and other stuff on the floor. Blood was everywhere, on the walls, on the floors, and on the furniture. It looked like someone had tried to pain the hallway red using the blood from the three bodies on the floor. They had been clawed to death, innards, limbs, everything was everywhere.

Annwn did not step in, but merely watched from where she was. She made a retching sound; the siblings were still not used to smelling such rotteness no matter how many times they were exposed to it. It was not something to be proud of.

“Three days,” Ta’Lern was squatting down to one of the three bodies. He was examining the woman closest to them.

It looked like a man and woman had been fleeing from the door when it caught them. From the moment of impact, they were dead. Their backs faced them, their spines exposed. Just to be sure, Ta’Lern used the edge of his gun to turn the woman over. The grotesques and bloated face of Marissa was looking at them. Her eyes were closed though, and Ta’Lern pointed to her neck; she had been killed by a snapped neck, which was a quick and painless death at least.

Raishan walked over to his brother, using his boots to turn the body next to the female over onto his back. This one had a look of horror on his face, with his eyes bulging out. In front, there was a slash across his neck, but from experience, they knew it was not enough to kill a person. No, that one had been for torture.

If the wounds on the front of the man was any indication, he had suffered long. Raishan could not say that he was unhappy about it. The chain the man wore was Renami’s favourite. His coat was tattered, and there were self-defense wounds all over him; Renami had fought for his life.

[Nanowrimo 2009] ML Appreciation Day!

Ok, ignore the fact that this is late.

November 8 is ML Appreciation Day, where we show our love and thanks to our beloved Municipal Liaisons who make Nanowrimo possible. They’re the ones who are responsible for cajoling, persuading, pleading, hitting and whacking us to get our novels written. They’re the ones, whom in the month of November, have the unenviable job of prodding us Wrimos on.

So to Malaysia’s own ML, Erna @ eaglewing @ Mothership,


[Nanowrimo 2009] The dangers of a write in

Is that the plot bunnies will often creep up on you unawares. I now have three plot bunnies running around in my head. One will make it into my plot somehow. The other two will need to wait till December. One of them will be my first attempt at a Malay romance novel.

The opening line?

“Eh, tudung lah.”

I blame Calvin completely for this one. 😀