Nanowrimo 2011

[Nanowrimo] Argh! Miscounted!

For my own reference:

Shira’s forces:
General/Captain Ramirez: Forces from Tylin City. Specialises in cavalry.

Lady Mara: Head of a small nation. Mercenary bands under her.

Captain Garuda: In charge of the demons/non-humans. Army specialises in magery.

Modestra: Archers and other ranged attacks.

Lady Ailsa: Footmen and peasants.

Rukan: Footment and knights.

General Sicata: Trebuchets and siege engines

Rivka’s forces:
Acheron: Healers and diseases. Follows God of Healing.

Mikhail: Inquisitors. Follows God of Justice.

Sukima: Knight battle mages.

Miran: Liasion to Goddess of Death’s forces. Responsible for training.

Morgesten: Hunters and intelligence. Follows Goddess of the Hunt. Miste.

And assorted others.


[Nanowrimo] It’s started!

And I am 9k words in.

So in case you wondered what happened to me, know that I am still around. Just busy puttering about in my novel. If you’re wondering why I’m so silent on Twitter and the like, it’s Work. :p Outside of work, it’s Nano.

So thank you for your patience.

Oh, and as a side note, if you’ve got some spare change, please donate to Makna for Pink October. If you’re having issues donating or anything, do let me know and I’ll see if I can help get it fixed. Thank you!

[Nanowrimo] Uh…

Um.. guys?

How did we get to writing about your Mom instead of you guys?

And how in the world did she turn from simple housewife to businesswoman and mage?

Thanks for the insane wordcount though.

Your… typist.