[Nanowrimo] Argh! Miscounted!

For my own reference:

Shira’s forces:
General/Captain Ramirez: Forces from Tylin City. Specialises in cavalry.

Lady Mara: Head of a small nation. Mercenary bands under her.

Captain Garuda: In charge of the demons/non-humans. Army specialises in magery.

Modestra: Archers and other ranged attacks.

Lady Ailsa: Footmen and peasants.

Rukan: Footment and knights.

General Sicata: Trebuchets and siege engines

Rivka’s forces:
Acheron: Healers and diseases. Follows God of Healing.

Mikhail: Inquisitors. Follows God of Justice.

Sukima: Knight battle mages.

Miran: Liasion to Goddess of Death’s forces. Responsible for training.

Morgesten: Hunters and intelligence. Follows Goddess of the Hunt. Miste.

And assorted others.


[Nanowrimo] It’s started!

And I am 9k words in.

So in case you wondered what happened to me, know that I am still around. Just busy puttering about in my novel. If you’re wondering why I’m so silent on Twitter and the like, it’s Work. :p Outside of work, it’s Nano.

So thank you for your patience.

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