Nanowrimo 2013

[Nanowrimo] 2013 Notes for myself

This is also going to be a complaints list to my muses.

  • My villains keep changing. First it was a God, then it was the dad, then it was the sister, then the mother, and now it’s the manservant with a hint to it being the God in the end. OI. Make up your minds!
  • Sleep deprivation is the reason why that voyeur dirty old men scene is in the novel. Which I don’t think I’ll remove. It turned out to be a pretty sweet scene. 🙂
  • The little girl has a proper name now and she is turning out to be very sweet and a really nice child. Though she does tend to be a bit too passive. I’m not sure if she’s ok for a five year old who’s been taken hostage by her nanny.
  • Speaking of nanny, I’m not sure how to write the current villain. On one hand, he’s quite passive. On the other, there seems to be a completely different side of him when he reveals his identity. I’M NOT SURE HOW TO WRITE YOU, HALF-HUMAN LICH.
  • Also liches are cold. Like, literally cold. I wonder if that’s why Daramiri likes Illyra so much, she’s like a walking airconditioner. /is smacked by muse
  • Previous point: Ow

Ok back to writing.

[Nanowrimo] Well played girls

So this appeared in my writing yesterday. I was half-aware while writing it but seeing it still makes me go “bwuh?” All rights reserved.

Arista opened her eyes to find herself in her bed, looking up at a beautiful fresco on the ceiling. It depicted the seduction of Curette, the God of Love who had boasted that no girl was able to hold his attention for long. It was words that he was soon to eat. She turned her eyes towards the rugged older-looking man on the right. He was tired and exhausted, and soon he and the chipper young-looking God would get into an arguement.

There were funnier ways to start a relationship than with an argument.


Well-played, ladies, well-played.