Nanowrimo 2015

Nanowrimo cover

Image of a blood dripping into a wine glass filled with water

A bunch of things are happening and I am in flight or fight mode, but I managed to get my cover for Nanowrimo done (YAY priorities when stressed) and so here it is.

Credit goes to frolicsomepl and Pixabay for the background image. The cover itself was done in Canva.

[Nanowrimo] Bloodsworn Synopsis


This being a synopsis of this year’s Nanovel. Yes, I know it’s a poem rather than an actual synopsis, but this is all I have so far. Let’s hope drafting goes better this year than it did last year.

Secrets unopened
Secrets revealed
Secrets hidden
Secrets unspoken

Blood that binds us all
Blood that holds us all
Blood unquenched
Blood unspilled
In innocence, purify
In sin, destroy.

Tis the end of our journey
Tis the end of our song
Tis a chapter closed
Forgive us all our wrongs.