[Project 366] Losing weight!

Massive difference between one month and the next

I wanted to write a long entry, but then I got sleepy. So here’s the summary:

After going to Curves for one month and perhaps DESPITE the many holidays, I put on weight BUT managed to lose 5.3% of my body fat. 😀 Which is great. There’s also the fact that the trainers are slave drivers (in a good way!) and the fact that the gym I go to has no mirrors except a small make-up mirror. It’s kinda awesome. 😀

Curves is also having an offer for new members. Join now and get a month free off your subscription. Leave a comment here for more info.

[Project 366] Smoke and Trees

Roadworks at night?

This greeted me when I got home on Friday night. The siren-like lights in the night look like roadworks lights, to be honest. They now do roadworks at night, when there are far fewer cars on the road. It’s a pretty good idea actually.

Smoke from Persiaran Surian

On Saturday, after gym, this greeted me on the drive to Ikea. I found out later that the fire was probably somewhere after Persiaran Surian, but till now I have no idea what happened.