Dear self

Letter from self:

Dear self

That was awesome. Right after you said that you wouldn’t take Chinese tea for dinner anymore you go ahead and do so. Then you end up not sleeping the entire night. 3 hours’ sleep does not a night make. If you manage to land that job I’ll be quite surprised. You also decided to go and drink NESCAFE to help you sleep. Well, congratulations. We’ve finished watching Durarara!!! and I know that you’re quite hyper right now but yes I see Hypnos coming soon. GO. TO. BED.

Your Reality Self

Dear Writer

As mentioned, Durarara’s background music will do quite well for this year’s Nano. Please don’t forget to upload Angela Aki’s Life as well. You may want to listen to it carefully. Hmm… based on what we have planned this year, the theme will be dawn. Which includes Mouhitotsu no yoake and Heart of Sword. And we have the perfect ending for you too.

She awoke alone. The rain fell heavily, drenching her instantly. Slowly, she pushed herself up from the mud. She was alone. Out of habit, she looked down at her wrist. Then at both of them. On her right hand was a single gold bangle, while on her left was a golden charm bracelet. With a secret smile, she got to her feet, and began to walk.

The end.

Your Muses

PS: Don’t forget the opening and ending songs of FMA Brotherhood too!

Dear child

This is a note from your adult muse. GO. TO. SLEEP. NOW. Or no more DS for you.

No love

In the past 12 hours…

I have learnt:

  • My own worst enemy is myself.
    There is really nothing else to be said but that. All the mistakes that I’ve made over the past few days were my own, and I know I can do better. Giving up is not in my nature. It’s seeped in, yes, but I’ll be damned if I allow myself to give up. The whining stops now. It’s time to KATN!
  • This is an opportunity I will NOT waste.
    Seriously, a lot of people dream but very few actually take those steps to make those dreams a reality. I’ve been planning this for years, and if I give up now, when it’s so close what kind of a person am I? While I may lost faith in myself, others have not. I’d be a poor friend and giving those I care about a bad example if I give up so close to the finish line.
  • I have a brain, I shall use it!
    I know what I’ve done wrong, and how I’ve been taking everything for granted. Now I’ll translate that into my work. I used to be damned proud of what I did; it’s time to spark that piece of professionalism again. Money be damned, I’ve got my pride to keep me full.
  • Body aches
    Either my body’s getting a tonne of exercise from all that stairs, or I’ve been pushing too hard. Time to see a doc!

    Edit: I resigned anyway, since they had already put the resignation process into motion. I agree, that was the most stupid thing I’ve done, and it’s a mistake I do not intend to repeat again.


:p Just in case you guys didn’t know. Yes, am alive. Yes have quit job. Yes I have pending posts to write. Yes am available for freelancing. No, I mean only writing freelancing.

Posts to be written:
Kagayaku Hito
Some other stuff

Quick thoughts

April is…

Shaping up to be a good month.

The month I started writing for fun. Again.

The month a certain pairing/fandom has taken over my life. Believe it or not, this is mentally healthy for me.

Car repairs month, hence another broke month.

The month I take a breather and get back into shape. In every possible way.

Where my Script Frenzy has been broken into 5 cases: Turnabout Lemonade, Turnabout Fair Play, Turnabout Deviate, Turnabout Mystic, and Turnabout Genius.

Brief update

Tech update this week:

Office 2010 on Windows 7
Seriously beautiful piece of work. It’s not nearly enough to get me to buy Office 2010 when it comes out, but for now the free beta is awesome enough that I want to keep using it.

Google Buzz is fun
Now, to figure out how to set all my Buzzes to private by default.

Sansa is now Mort
He started out by being a girl, then somehow [Ian] convinced me that Sansa was actually a boy. That meant his name had to be a guy’s because calling someone Sasa (muscular in Malay) didn’t quite gel with me. In the end I sought inspiration from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and called him Morpheus. His nickname is Mort. Yes I do love Terry Pratchett too why do you ask? :3

New netbook wanted
Author’s note: Argh, sorry, I didn’t realise only half the section got posted. >>
I want a new netbook simply because of the battery life. Shiki’s been very tsundere since I named him such, and his battery life has been going downhill. It’s quite disconcerting, really. :S Am wondering what other netbooks I can get at below RM1000. Anyone has ideas?