[Dreams] Of Real Life and Heat

Picture by esc861 on Flickr
Picture by esc861 on Flickr

Things I have learnt today:

If I am sleeping badly due to the heat, I tend to sleep shorter, but have much more intense dreams. Dreams that half-rooted in reality, and taken strongly from the day’s events.

Last night’s dream was one of those. I slept like a baby, awakening every few hours from the heat. The dream I had was… busy. And fairly lucid, I think.

I dreamt I was at an Angela Aki concerto or small fan event somewhere in UM, I think. Or maybe UPM. Definitely one of the unis. She played half on the piano, half on my tablet. I don’t know how, but apparently I had offered my tablet for her to play, and it was beautiful.

So she played, and I think she was running through the entire list of her latest album, and I “fell asleep” halfway. By fell asleep I mean I woke up in real life and had a drink and chatted with some people at 2am in the morning. Then I went back to sleep.

And I dreamt she was still playing, finishing the last of her songs. Then she tried to test the tablet’s responsiveness by flicking her finger quickly through the last few notes, which my Tabitha kept up with. It was wonderful.

I remember her thanks, then clutching my tablet to my chest and hurrying to my seat, a silly grin on my face. Dimmie was with me and then we were supposed to leave. I was embarrassed enough to say yes, so we left with everyone else. Then when we were outside, I realised I forgot to get her autograph.

As we were outside, I suddenly realised that we were supposed to pick up an agent, and so Dimmie was suddenly Expediter from the ENL Faction. We drove like mad in UM/UPM, and he was telling me stuff about the agents and how he was racing DJinn and Mikael to get this other agent. And my scanner had an app that showed the bets people placed on these three to see who could pick up this out of town agent first.

We reached a part of the uni campus where there was this multi-cultural event happening. There was no where to park, but Expediter assured me it was right to leave my car where it was and he got out to look for said agent. I took my car and drove further in, hoping there was an exit, since there were other cars that had gone ahead on the same route.

As I did, I passed my sisters Silvy and Shannon in full costume, who were there for the multi-cultural event. They waved at me but did not ask why I was there.

So I went down this road, reversed at a dead end and then was finally told to park my car in this one corner. As I got down, a familiar-seeming old man told me to wait there because the married couple was coming (I had parked inside a hall that was going to be used for a wedding) and then there was something about my parents coming over too, because the married couple was close to us.

Then there was this family of three that barged into the hall from the back door, talking about bullying the couple, but especially the younger of the pair, simply to show they could. They were chased out by the old man and me, who basically shouted more obscenities than they did and shaming them for their bullying actions.

THEN the couple came in, and I remembered being completely HAPPY at their wedding, and completely unaffected by the fact it was two men getting married. I think it was a moment of “I couldn’t be more happier for them if I tried.”

Then I woke up from the heat. -_-” With Angela Aki’s Aieuo ringing in my ears.

[Dreams] Of Abductions

It’s confirmed, heat makes me get weird dreams. That and slight dehydration.

This was one of those dreams that began with me not being myself.

There had been a story for the past few years, a sort of myth that had been going around. Women and girls who were alone on the train or anywhere were abducted and simply disappeared. In their place, there would be a small Barbie doll, which looked a little bit like them.

So a young, working woman who was going home late one night was attacked. She fought back hard, not giving much ground until her assailant managed to drag her into a railway car, and then she was beateN into submission, I think. In her place they left a small brunette Barbie.

The scene cuts away into a cabin, where the “son” has taken the girl as his own. In the room there’s a pasty-white, pale like anything young teenager. She cowers in fear as the “father” looms over her, and then picks her up and puts her on the bed. The teenager’s eyes turns glassy as he does that. The father plays with his knife around the girl’s throat, and the camera looks towards the “son” and his new plaything. The woman looks fearfully towards the bed, but the son uses the flat end of his knife to turn her face away from what is happening on the bed. He doesn’t want to watch it either.

The teenager is killed, and unceremoniously dumped.

For a year, the woman is kept in slavery around the house. She has become the “wife” of the son. No escape attempts were made by her, at least not in the beginning, because she wanted to know how to get to a city first before she made the attempt.

The perspective changes to my own when a homely-looking woman comes up when the men are away one day. She insists that I follow her in the car. I knew I had to obey her or risk punishment, so I did. She drove the pickup to a restaurant area, and gave me RM5, asking me to run away. They would kill her, maybe, but she wanted to ensure I had a chance to escape.

I knew we were in the city area, and I immediately begged a guy to lend me his phone to call my dad. He looked at me weirdly and I did, but his phone was not working. As I was about to walk down to the payphone, the “father” suddenly appeared and shouted at me. I ran back to the restaurant area and screamed for help. The “father” stood at the end of the road, not willing to come after me in a crowded area.

Suddenly my dad turned up, and we were sort of reunited. The “father” now came up to my dad and they got into an argument about how I was the other’s daughter before punches started flying and I was shouting for anyone to call the cops.

They didn’t, but the “father” and my dad were finally pulled apart. I took dad’s phone trying to call the inspector in charge of my case but the number wasn’t in dad’s phone. I didn’t get enough time to open Google Maps to call up the police station there either.

The “father” and his “son” started sitting down to their own family dinner with the extended family, and I remember staying far away from them, in the light, with other people whom I knew would protect me but wouldn’t call the police for some reason.

I called bro and mom to tell them I was safe. We went to pick mom up. At mom’s “workplace” there was a customer who had known me from work who had the name “Melissa” something something who was complaining about the vase. Then I woke up.

Weird Dreams

So, am not stranger to having weird dreams.

Been having them the past few weeks. On and off I’d get some random, lucid dream just before I’m due to wake up. Some of them were dreams caused by the alarm; my phone starts beeping very gently before my actual wake up time. Others I have no idea.

And most of the time, when I wake up, it’s with the feeling that yes, I had a lucid dream, but the details all escape me.

Today’s was slightly different. Basically entire family went on a vacation (including my extended family on my dad’s side) and after trying various activities we all got on that trip for a one-day overnight trip in an old pirate barge. You know those ships we use to think as belonging to pirates? Yup, those kinds.

Well, one thing led to another and the next thing we know, we were sailing. And so we did. Each stop we made had a different mission to accomplish. The one we were having when I woke up required a female relative (the woman is actually a random person, she just happened to be in my “family” at the time, and no, I have no idea who she was) to seduce the giant to tell us where his base was.

The giant, meanwhile, was being pursued by this man who was the creator of all the things. He wanted to undo his creations, but they were smart enough to go into hiding, so he used us instead. He could take many forms and shapes; at one point he was an ex-employer.

So the woman and the giant decided to turn the tables on the guy. After a “talk” the giant went away. And we on the ship went looking for food. As me and my cousins were making our way back after loading our small ship with food (lots of bananas, watermelons and random fruits, I think), the creator guy appeared.

And he was quite displeased with our progress. We all rushed back to the ship and tried to cast off (we were beached, apparently, for a quick while) and the creator guy apparently waited behind us to do so. There were two boats at this point; the main, sailing wooden barge and a hollowed out ceramic boat that looks more like an art mug than a boat. We tried to shift everyone from the ceramic boat to the main one, and while that was happening, the creator guy somehow overtook us and parked in the parking lot nearby.

I told my dad that I was going to go sabotage the guy’s car, used my bro’s screwdriver for it, and came back successfully. Dad followed me but for once did not interfere. The guy’s front wheel had a solar panel on it, so I couldn’t stab at the wheel.

Then I woke up.

I wonder how many worlds has my dream self been banned from now?

[Dreams] Back in Japan

I was back in Japan.

Only this time I was completely alone. It wasn’t so bad. I didn’t feel lost or in danger or anything. I wanted to move from one place to another. It started from my hostel. I ended up near Kyoto Station. As I was near Kyoto Station it occurred to me that I should have bought the daily bus pass, cause I knew I was going to be using it. Then I decided that since the place I wanted to visit was so close, I might as well just walk.

Then I got somewhat lost.

Walked past these two shops that looked like a typical, open air Malaysian mechanic place, complete with oil running down from the floor into the drains. The girl in one of the shops set fire to an old car. The shop next to them did the same thing. It was some kind of friendly competition.

After that I decided to retrace my steps to Kyoto station. The main reason being I wanted to get a Kyoto tourist map like the one I had when I visited Japan with the girls. While I was walking, I remember thinking to myself that if I was dreaming and I was not in Japan, it would have been one cruel dream, cause everything felt so real.

Including waiting for that special someone to come and join me. I dreamt that he was supposed to come later.

Then I woke up.

[Dreams] Of blood and Bersih

Had a dream where they opened a clinic which would pay you for donating blood. Dreamt that they opened two lines; one to donate blood, the other to count how many people wanted clean and fair elections.

I couldn’t see the end of the second line.