Inspired by Dune

Speech given by the Queen Of Beauty, Aphrodite to the Astral College of Priestly Knowledge and Theology on Breeding Programs: Not just Sperm and Ovum (or whatever your species calls it)

Many think that a breeding programme must not only take a long time, but also incorporate characteristics of the parents, both physical and metaphysical in order to produce the results needed. What is often missing is the element of nurture in the programme, with almost no emphasis given to the nature of the child’s rearing. Nurture must take into accounts all aspects of the child’s rearing after birth and consist of not only physical and mental exercises, but also experiences and social interaction, though the two is often combined.

The longest-running breeding programme with no ‘true’ aim in sight is Celeste’s Alin’sa. They have often been called a ‘society in miniature,’ but very few of you gathered here today really understand the meaning. A little history to put this into perspective would be in order.

Most of the Priestesses today who serve Celeste, the Goddess of Death, are descended from the Huntresses Clans. Though no one knows whether or not they retain the instinctive need to hunt their prey once that prey is within a certain distance, no one can dispute that their immunity to certain skills have been applied outside of the hunt successfully. The Basilisk Huntresses are immune to its’ gaze and other forms of petrifaction, and the Harpies are immune to their screech, and Hard Metal music.

The rarest and most powerful clans, the Sister Clans of the Kamigaya and Mitsutani, are also the Godkillers and the Huntresses of Black Angels. I am sure that most of you are familiar with the revolt led by some of the fallen Gods and Goddesses who rebelled against the Creator and His Son. When His Son was sent to Earth to fulfil His Father’s wishes, many fell into the trap laid by the Diapason Angel, Lucifer.

Seducing them, they began persecuting not only the ones who Chose to follow Him, but also everyone else. It was around this time, when word had spread to the Greeks, that the Mitsutani was born. They were created, these women of unequalled ferocity, to fight against the Black Angels, who were in most cases the unwitting and unwilling instrument of the Diapason Angel and his horde.

Once the Divine Beings would have run from the Black Angels, who were the only ones who could destroy them as mortals, but many of the rebels joined them now. It was that or face annihilation. The Kamigaya clan, which had been few in numbers, suddenly grew. It was not long before their numbers equalled the Mitsutani, and as the former were the only ones who could kill Black Angels, they joined forces.

It is quite interesting to note that it was only after the rebellion that the Kamigaya, which had mainly ‘policed’ the Divine Beings and punished them for their transgressions, were gradually given powers to destroy their prey. Though the Black Angels retained their powers, the Kamigaya were also given the same, but at a much lower intensity and immunity.

Throughout the years, their numbers dwindled (as it should) because the necessity was no longer there. The powers subsequently became more concentrated and at the same time, the daughters were less reluctant to use them. Most of the Huntresses had either married or mated with men of honour, justice, and fairness. Though the girls still had undeniable loyalty to Celeste, they also had their own ideas and perceptions of the said values. Because of their mothers and their own experiences as women, these daughters also had an added quality that made them especially appealing. Compassion.

Compassion is both taught and bred in these girls. Take the example of the Rikan Alexis of the Alin’sa. If you would look at her genealogy from the papers provided, you will see that the men need not be the ones we would like, but they always managed to contribute something. The mating index next to it details the main characteristics of each descent. You will notice that though several bad habits remain, more often then not it is the positive attitudes that influence the child.

This brings me to a misconception that needs to be addressed. It is not enough to simply get the sperm or ovum from a certain mate. The personalities of the parents and the four ancestors before that must be considered as well. If you have complete opposites, it will confuse the child to no end. It would be ineffective and in fact, counterproductive for much time is lost balancing the child. This applies regardless whether the child knows the parents. The child will be faced with identity problems, and most of you know how troublesome it is to correct such a oversight.

At the end of the day, everything must be balanced against the child’s outcome. If you are looking for a specific target, I’m sure the Shade of Achilles can tell you all about it. His birth was foretold by Karma and scared a God into obedience.

Augmenting reports

The thing about blogging is that it is essentially an online journal. You’re putting your journal/biography/autobiography out for everyone to see. That doesn’t mean that like your journal, you are free to rant and rave. In fact, I think people who blog are actually more at risk. Though they are posting their own opinion, they have to be careful that they do not cross the line and that they are not being seditious. In some respects this is easy because many people realize that what bloggers are doing are just letting people know what they think about certain issues and their opinions.

It stops being so easy when the blogger attempts to make it sound like him/her are reporting events. I know I’m guilty of that in some respects, but I think it’s not that bad yet, is it?

The reason why I am bringing this up is because being a nw blogger, I tend to be on the look out for tips and tricks on blogging. Might I say that so far, Techtv has been a big help? I like their blog reports, although they tend to feature Movable Type rather than blogger. Well, can’t have everything, I suppose.

That’s all for now. Blog some more later. Ciao! ;p

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is not one that is widely celebrated, at least in Malaysia. When the occasion arises, the Feast is celebrated, but I doubt that most Catholics in Malaysia would know when the Feast is.

Mary is the Mother of Christ. Some believe that she is nothing more than a myth. Others think that she is just a normal human being. Why give such honour to a mere mortal woman? They ask.

From a historical point of view, Jesus Christ can be said to be responsible for changing the course of history. If not, most of us would still be worshipping whatever Pantheon was in our region; Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Greek/Roman Gods.

That is one of the reasons why the woman who gave birth to him is so celebrated. But there is another reason as well. Remember that in ancient times, women were not given that much rank, but in Mary’s case, she is seen as second only to God, and rightly so.

Those who read the Bible will realise that Adam and Eve were considered the first sinners, as they took the Forbidden Fruit. What many forget is that just Jesus brought man back to God, in a similar vein, we could say that Mary did the same thing for women. What could be more just, than if the world was brought to know sin through a man through a woman, than for salvation to be brought to us from a man through a woman.

That’s just a thought of mine, so the next person who says that women are born evil should go back and re-read their information.

Furthermore, she is the model of pureness and submission. No, I don’t mean submission as in to Fate, but to the Will of God. How many of us, when confronted with such a choice, would have said yes? Some say that Mary did not think about the consequences about her actions, merely trusting in God to provide for her. I disagree.

I would bet with you that she did think about it, but chose to follow His word anyway. She hesitated. If not, then why was her initial response one of uncertainty?

She is a role model to all of us. Who else could have followed His Word faithfully? Who else could have been the perfect example of saying ‘yes’ to God?

Many Catholic priests and brothers are devoted to her, as are the women. Our Protestant cousins (no insult, just that I used brothers and sisters as to denote the vocations) do not believe in her, in fact they denounce us as to say we WORSHIP her. How untrue!

We do not pray to her, but we ask her to pray for us. She is our intercession, our middleman (or woman). Some may ask, why go through a middle person at all? Why not go straight to God? We all do, but remember that when we fight, we often cannot meet with the person we fought. We are either to embarrassed or proud to acknowledge them. We often use intermediaries.

Mary is the same as that. Furthermore, she gives extra strength to us, not only as faith and belief in her Son, but consolation as well. It is said that Jesus comes to the Saints often not alone, but with His Precious Mother as well. Devotion to Jesus through Mary has yielded results that can still be seen today.

I’m assuming that everyone knows about the Miracle at Lourdes and at Fatima. If you don’t, well, please do a Google search on that. I’ll write on that one later. The proof that I am talking about lives in Rome. He’s on his last legs, but faith in the youth and in Mary and Jesus keeps him alive and kicking. Though he is old, he is still quite popular with youths.

Can’t guess? He is none other than Pope John Paul II. His devotion to Mary, who could be said to be not much older than us when she accepted the Word, is famous and legendary. On the Hem of his robes is the letter ‘M,’ for Mother Mary. And she has taken care of him. Regardless as to what others might say, I believe that she looks after him still. Who else would have interceded for him when he was shot in 1984? (I think). Jesus did, with lots of help from Mary.

Another proof is my grandmum. She is old, getting on to be about 77 this year. Her devotion to Mary has been passed down to her children and her grandchildren (like me!) and is nothing short of legendary in the family. Every night before she goes to bed she says her rosary, which is a special devotion prayer to Mary. Not only that, even when she was on her deathbed she had her Rosary near, and when we had to send her to the hospitals when she was quite ill, one of the most important thing to bring was her Rosary. It had to be either under her pillow or in her hand or pocket.

The main reason why I am saying this is because of a miracle that happened not too long ago. My grandmother had a stroke in the middle of the night. I could not hear her as I was sleeping in the front room. Somehow she called my aunt who lived not too far away, the latter who woke me up. We found my grandmum on the bed. The room was a mess and the phone was off its’ hook, indicating that my grandmum had fallen.

To this day, my grandmother has no recall of how she made it to the phone or how she got back. My other aunt, who is a devout person herself, suggested about a month later that maybe the one who had made the Call was Mary herself. My grandmum has a very strong devotion to her.

Mary is my Queen. It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. How true it is!


Religion is something that is easily dismissed by those who study science. The main reason for it, they say, is because God cannot be measured by empirical means. He cannot be measured, He cannot be touched, smelled, or taste. Yet if He were, would that not mean the end of the Mystery? Would we not be moaning about the death of one of Life’s greatest Pleasures?

Now, unlike the days that have gone before us, are truly the days of wonderment. Everyday something new is being discovered, and in some cases, something old is reaffirmed. There is much to see, much to do, much to discover by all.

We are no longer simply the people who had to slave all day and sometimes all night to put food on the table. At the end of the day our minds crave stimulation, intellectual arguments, we want to fill this curiosity that is burning within us. We have the time to do it. We have the energy.

Most of us are comfortable in knowing what they already know. Many of us are content to merely watch and absorb new information. However, there are many more of us who are not.

Many of the youths of today, dream as the youths before them, of making a difference in the world. They dream of having a voice, and to make those in power listen to their voices so that the world might be a better place for them when it is time to hand over the reins.

And they have the means and opportunities to do so. However, their focus has gone awry. What you hear students and people talking on the street nowadays is not how they may serve their country, but on what is current, what is new, and what is passé. Can we blame them?

In Malaysia, the youths, with the exceptional few, have been trained to think shallowly. What matters is that you get a degree. You get a good, high paying job that will enable you to live out your lives as you want. Don’t take risks! That’s too dangerous! Would you want your poor old mom and dad to live outside on the streets?

What do you mean that you want to be a writer? Don’t you know that writers are all poor? What do you mean that you want to be a journalist? Don’t you know that they all smoke and die young? And you want to be a police? Whatever for? They are all corrupt and useless people, only Malays go there! You want to be a teacher? Those are all dead-end jobs and low pay, only failures go there!

Be a businessman, like your Chinese uncle. Be a doctor, like your Indian father. Take advantage of the system you’re a bumi* aren’t you?

And with parents mouthing statements like these the leaders of today are wondering what happened to the leaders of tomorrow. I mean it. I know what my friends and I face, Many of our parents, they say, want the best for us, but they don’t realise that what may the best for them, need not necessarily be the best for us.

It’s hard for me to find someone who will happily engage me in an hour or two, just to discuss politics, (not withstanding that the leaders of today, who are parents, have banned students from being political until they come out of college/university) philosophy, among other matters. Things that challenge and stimulate the minds in form of discussions are very rarely found. Why? Because our parents dismiss them as nonsense. After all, they don’t bring in money, and they encourage you to loiter.

If they would make these things accessible to youths and to give them truly a platform to discuss them, maybe the youths of today will be slightly more equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow. By the way, for those of you who say premarital sex is bad and etc, please don’t attend. I’m all for the exchange of ideas, but looking down from a moral high ground makes me ever so slightly nauseous.

*bumi- Malays or those who have been here before the British


The choices we make haunt us forever. That’s one of my mottos. No matter what you do, your past will always come back to haunt you. Your embarrasments (hoped I spelled that correctly), your hopes, dreams, bitterness, disappointments… It doesn’t matter that you’ve fulfilled something you set out to do. Something will always come back and make you regret it.

Unlike the song, I have a few, and they are not too few to mention. The pain, the regrets, but most importantly, the people I met whom I never gave a chance to know. Losing a chance to meet them… These were people I only knew when they were gone.

I’ve had two deaths on my mother’s side, both of whom were rather important to the family. One was my maternal grandfather, whom I did not associate much as he spoke Hokkien and I didn’t speak a word of it. Well, just a little. I liked him because he was nice, but he never hugged nor held me. Coming from a conservative and traditional Chinese family, that was to be expected. I think his greatest regret was that he never had a grandson. You see, though I have a brother, my brother carries my dad’s family name and not my maternal grandfather’s. There was talk of perhaps changing my brother’s name, but that too was scrapped.

My gradfather passed away when I was 10. It’s been nine years since his death. We were blessed about two years ago with finally, the heir to the family name. He gave a scare during his early years as he contracted a disease that had killed a lot of children in Sabah and Sarawak, but now he’s fine and making us run around when we play with him. He has two cousin sisters who are in their middle and early twenties, a cousin who is 19 (that’s me!) and her 16 year old brother, and lastly, a cousin who is very much closer to his age, eight years old. With the exception of my brother, the rest of us are all girls.

My youngest female cousin on this side also has a sad story. Her mother passed away about three years ago, shortly before my cousin brother was born. She was in her 30s. She had had brain tumours appearing now and then. I still remembered holding her daughter in my arms during those dark, last days. Death is never, ever a pretty thing!