I was waiting for someone to get off work to pass a book to him when my mother calls up, all screaming like, telling me to get home now! I then called the person I was supposed to pass the book to and give a ride home and ask if he could come out a little bit earlier. He came out on the dot at the time he was supposed to finish to the car, which meant that he came out earlier than usual. I then proceeded to drive like a semi-mad woman home, and was about to turn into said guy’s house road when lo and behold, DAD’S car goes by on the opposite street. There’s no chance of him missing me too; he had stopped and was waiting for the traffic on my side of the road to clear for him to cross. I pretended that nothing had happened, waved, and then sent him home.

Mom calls in the moment I open the front door, making me run to the phone, and then proceeds to ask me calmly what’s for dinner. By now, I am pissed. Mom and Dad didn’t care about having dinner together when my bro and I were kids, but they want to play at it now. That was behind the screaming on the phone earlier. She was alarmed when I told her I was at Burger King’s in order to give myself a bit of time.

*Sigh* Looks like I won’t be making it to GACC after all.

*Note to self* Make job work so I can move out by August.

EDIT: I just noticed that they never once asked me how did the medical exam go, and they were more concerned with the fact that I stay out the most I can whenever I go out. Really, with a home like this, is it any wonder?

Family feuds, idiocy, and a deadline

Things have taken a turn for the worse with the death of my grandfather last year. For those who know, there has been this sort of “simmering” feud for the longest time ever. This feud escalated with the death of my grandfather last year, with more relatives showing what they thought of each other and manipulating everyone for their own ends. The grandkids were the ones caught in the middle.

There was the sale of granma’s house, which everyone is refusing to take credit for, but according to one source was prompted by one uncle, supported by my dad, later joined in by another uncle, who couldn’t wait to kick my late aunt’s family out. Once they were out, he changed his mind and insisted that the house be retained. His excuse was the house should be retained for family business.

Anyone familiar with him would know immediately that he wanted the house for himself. He’s currently living in a rented house. When my grandfather was alive he used to ask him for money. Now that he’s gone, we fear that he’s asking my grandmother for money, and my aunt says that it’s no the case. I disagree.

In any case, I’m going to sever all ties with them when I leave the house. The only people I’ll keep in touch with are hopefully my cousins, and my grandmother. Someone please kick me if I have not moved out of the house by June 12, barring two factors:

a) I lost my job, thereby no income
b) A death in the family.

Leo. you don’t count. Unless you want to help pay rent. ^_^

Edited to change the date tp 31 August, because after counting, 12 June is too new. Thank you for your time and support. ^_^