Script Frenzy checklist!

Things to check and complete:

– Compile logic pieces that have appeared so far
– Compile list of clues
– Determine what happens after the second office scene
– Determine what exactly it is I want to do with the Kane family
– Figure out how to get Franziska and Miles into bed (NOT WITH ME!)

If this were a novel I’d be grinning. *tears hair out*

Just one episode

Or rather half of it…

And I’m reminded why I fell in love with Ruroni Kenshin, also known as Samurai X. The story is superbly crafted, the animation is done wonderfully (there’s a certain fluidity in the way each frame flow that doesn’t have the effect of shiny-ness; I think this is because they didn’t use CGI then?) and most importantly, the characters.

Oh Gods, the characters.

The episode I caught was set during the Kyoto arc; Shishio’s last fight against Kenshin. Shishio’s the villain, Kenshin’s the main character. Yet again, during this scene, what struck me wasn’t the fight (although yes, it’s nothing short of beautiful) but Yumi’s relationship to Shishio. Back in November, in the midst of the insanity that was Nanowrimo, I somehow managed to find time to create this MASSIVE 3-DISC FST for the trio of Yumi, Shishio and Houji.

The dynamics and the relationship between the three is best summed up in that one episode. Shishio’s always leading, while Yumi and Hoji follow. Yet they don’t follow blindly. Hoji’s got an unshakeable loyalty and faith that I think a lot of leaders would kill to have now. Yumi isn’t just there for the sex appeal; in this episode, if Shishio’s the epitome of men must always fight stereotype, Yumi’s the epitome of feminine strength in grace. She’s all woman, and yet all strength at the same time.

Ok, back to gaming! 😀

New Bishie Found!

Anyone who knows me from secondary school knows my taste in guys, especially when it comes to games and anime: I love bookish men/boys who are intelligent. Whether they’re on the side of good or evil doesn’t matter, but they have to be intelligent. Shyness is optional.

So it’s absolutely no surprise to those who’ve played Final Fantasy III and those who know me that I’ve fallen in love with Arc. Isn’t he a cutie? Full-length can be found here too! Or what the heck, here’s a full-length pic!

*Cue fangirl*