Quotes to Remember

The amount a channeler can actually channel will always be higher than the actual power they control. This is because their physical and mental capacity to sustain that power is greater than their mind’s mastery to control the direction of the said power.

It is not unheard of to hear someone who cannot control their powers being able to channel vast amounts of power. It is impossible for someone to channel less power than they are able to control. By this we mean the raw output versus a direct one, your body against conscious manipulation. You may choose to channel less power than your actual capacity to control it; that is not what we mean.

Rikan Alexis of the Mitsutani Clan
Excerpt from Sisterly Visions

Chapter 3: Maiden

Naoko got out of the taxi slowly while her driver hurried to take her luggage from the boot. She stood looking at the large, ivy-covered gates, even as three men in black came through it, looking at her as an intruder. The cab driver put the bags next to her and got into his taxi, putting a hand on Naoko’s shoulder as he passed her.
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Of Finicky Muses

Excerpts of my conversation with Naoko on IM while another mun watched on (in amusement, I dare say). Naoko’s the one in ((Naoko)) -___________-”

PriestessNaoko: ((you’re typoing, dear mun))
PriestessNaoko: don’t remind me
PriestessNaoko: And it doesn’t help that you and Su suddenly tell me: YOU HAVE NO IDEAS FOR NANO
PriestessNaoko: ((*hums*)
PriestessNaoko: -_-”
PriestessNaoko: ((oh, we’ll come up with something))
PriestessNaoko: your first chapter draft isn’t exactly something I’m sure will take off
PriestessNaoko: ((pish posh! we both know all you need is to be pushed off the edge and the ideas will roll to you))
PriestessNaoko: ……….
PriestessNaoko: *handsonface*
PriestessNaoko: ((*bows*))
PriestessNaoko: *small voice* I am so doomed…
PriestessNaoko: ((*pats* you’ve always been doomed darlin’))
PriestessNaoko: *whine*

I’m pretty sure [Lac], [Luc], [DMJewelle] and [ElderG] can empathise.

Nanowrimo grouses

Is it bad that before we even hit October, my muses have already started planning?

Naoko: You need to do more research on Spain and the Madrid Train Bombings!

Sukina: Hmm… Two or less chapters for introductions this time around… then we move into the plot.. should focus less on backgrounds, and more on ancient mythology, role of women… especially in Egypt.

Kishan: …..

Me: ….

Of course… this year they are MORE ORGANIZED THAN BEFORE. ARGH.

You should be thankful. We should be able to hit 50k this year.

Less description, more action.


*Both sisters together* OH HUSH!

*Goes sulk in a corner*