Nano Villain: Rosselius

Origins: Jiat
Appearance: Something similar to Break of Pandora Hearts, has an eye missing
Defining trait: He’s been dead this past 2000 years. Harbour an intent to take over Jiat, the conscious planet.

Other notes:

I really don’t know anything much about Rosselius except that he’s considered the second most powerful Magician ever seen on Jiat. In previous encounters, it took all six Xi’an of Jiats to take him down. When you consider that Rosselius draws his magic from within himself and the spells he casts while the Xi’an tend to rely on the power that Jiat provides, the power difference is enormous. Rosselius’ only weak point is that he needs to vocalise his spells. This is easily circumvented by the simple act of possessing someone. As I mentioned, Rosselius HAS been dead for the past 2000 years, but every so often he possesses or enters into partnerships with other magicians. When possessing them, Rosselius gains access to all of their powers plus his own arcane talent. With a patience that can last millennia, he’s truly terrifying for the elaborate schemes he cooks up.

Author’s note: This may or may not have been inspired by Geoff’s description of Wilhelm in Xenosaga. I think it was, cause Rosselius appeared about 2 days after I read that entry.

Edited cause I am dumb.

Quick note to muse

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Fiction: Letter

This letter was received by Naoko on her 25th birthday.

Dear Alexis

The tangible world is known to us by five senses. However, without the presence of the sixth sense, the world as we know it will not come to being. It will be stagnant, with each element being completely alone, in its own essence, without evolution. Evolution is not desired, nor is it required, but once evolution is begun, it cannot be stopped. One needs to evolve completely to the reach the end that is most suitable for that thing.

So it is with Jiat.

We are outsiders. But we are also Xi’an. Whenever we enter Jiat, we become that is which is most useful to it. We do not sacrifice our sanity, our senses, nor even our reason. It is a mutual contract. In Jiat, we are governed by the powers of the planet. This power does not leave with us when we leave Jiat. It is present only when we are in contact with the planet.

But we are chosen because we have our own powers. By ourselves, in our own bodies, we too, hold the Keys to the Universe. There are many XI’an who have gone insane because they stayed too long on Jiat and confused their desires with those of the planet. We have refused to. By disengaging from the planet after taking that oath, we have delayed, at least the curse that kills our bloodlines.

The direct transfer of Jiat’s power from parent to child is well-known. You know too, my daughter, that we transfer memories, skills and individual powers in this manner as well. And by the time you read this, you would be aware that not all the powers that are your birthright will be activated. The potential to use those powers will be there, but they will be locked. Your body and your genes can only activate so much at any given period of time.

But the burdens you will bear…

Forgive this letter, my daughter. Forgive your mother for placing such a restriction on you. Forgive me for bonding you into the same slavery I bonded myself.

We are the darkness to our sisters’ lights. That is our burden, as others will see. Never forget that we are the light to those moments in darkness. Smile, my lovely phoenix. We are the coal to the phoenix’s fire.

Your mother
Naoya Kensaku
Scion of House Rourke

Script Frenzy checklist!

Things to check and complete:

– Compile logic pieces that have appeared so far
– Compile list of clues
– Determine what happens after the second office scene
– Determine what exactly it is I want to do with the Kane family
– Figure out how to get Franziska and Miles into bed (NOT WITH ME!)

If this were a novel I’d be grinning. *tears hair out*

Script Frenzy: Outline

Script Frenzy seems to have snuck on me and completely taken me by surprise. No thanks to me playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, I seem to have gained two new muses, who have also insisted on being the star of my Script Frenzy virgin try. Ah well.

The headache part about writing this script is the difficulty in keeping to their voices and characters. Miles and Franziska sound very similar, and the fact is after 14 pages, I still have no idea which one of these two wants to be the main character. Still, at least now I know that we’re talking about making this into a game, and Plotbot tells me that I can do branch scripts (where there can be alternates for the scenes I’ve written) so that may be a big help.

Ok, enough rambling. Now be time to create rough outline before I go offtrack (a novel can go all over the place, a script, not so). Read More »Script Frenzy: Outline