Darkness and Light

Do not confuse Dark and evil. The two are as alike as the Light and goodness. Good and evil are motivation, while Light and Dark are the powers themselves. One may use the Dark to do good, and use the Light to do evil.

Conversations with Bishops

Long-term observations are incomplete without an analysis of the language. Each generation signifies its commitment by the words they use. Pay no attention to words uttered by an individual, but by the groups you observe.

Briefing to the Jiatian Locks

Random thoughts

There is no good or evil but for the choices one has to make. – Celeste, Goddess of Death.

I am a child of the Sun. Even if rain refreshes me, I’ll bask happily for hours (skin cancer be damned) under the Sun’s loving rays. – Me

Release the hate and then then anger, your path illuminated it shall. Gouge not thine own eyes to spite thy anger. – Me

Edited for a quote

I read this:

NKorea offers envoy for Obama inauguration: reports


NKorea offers envoy for Obama interrogation: reports

Right. Less skimming, more reading.

Also, something that popped while going through some notes:

Within the void nothing is created, yet may be summoned into being. The old is made new and the new made old; the cycle is awakened.


If Destruction and Creation were opposed to Balance, what would happen?

Keys to Twilight

Inspired by Ti aka [EducateDeviate]

If a child shows interest in something good, encourage it. If a child shows interest in something distasteful, investigate that interest, not the child. If the child shows no interest, engage her. If the child has the talent but not the interest, sustain it not. If the child has the interest but not the talent, give him the skills to survive.

You should never send a child into battle unprepared nor ignorant. It is your duty, as their guardian, to ensure that they, in turn, can guard others. Allow them the freedom to grow and evolve. Children are children. Do not force, nor cajole. They are not adults, and thus you should not expect an adult’s jaded perception, but a child’s cheeky honesty.

Our children evolve and take on the values we display. Therefore, choose your nursemaids with care. Youth’s energy should be tempered with adult caution and elderly wisdom.

Jinna Aos Si
First Matriarch of the Daoine-S├Čth Huntresses