[Food] Making some energy ballz

So am on a cooking kick. I want to cook and make stuff. Then I was shown this recipe by Ganaesh, and well, I decided to give it a try.

Three items, but I substituted the cranberries for mixed choco chips, and the bananas for water. Both were because I preferred something crunchy over mush and not a fan of bananas.

This was what it looked like in the bowl:

Bowl of unmixed oatmeal, choco chips and peanut butter

I used a rough 1:1 measure for the oats and peanut butter. By this I mean 300gm of uncooked oats to 3 tablespoons of peanut butter. Then I began to mix. I found using a spoon to be quite ineffective, so I switched to hands instead. The process went MUCH faster after that.

Mixed with some water

The recipe said that if I wanted to substitute the bananas, I could add a few teaspoons of water. Which I did. Once you work the tiny addition of water into the mixture, it’s time to firm them up.

Seven balls, in a smiley face

So now that they were done, it was time to toss them into the fridge. The recommendation is to leave them in there overnight, but I did just have one after they were in for about 2 hours, and it was delicious as a snack. I will probably need to make more over the weekend. This is delicious.

Chicking, never again

About a year or so ago, Chicking opened in Malaysia during the Raya holidays (or thereabouts, I remember having a late lunch here with Kemu and Rin). When they first opened, they were so new, they didn’t even set up their drinks dispenser! As a new outlet, my friends and I were willing to forgive their tardiness in service, especially since they were relatively cheap. However, while they were cheap, their food was bad.

I remember Kemu saying that her nuggets tasted like leftover in the open air nuggets that were just heated up before they served it to her. The coleslaw too, was exceptionally bad and definitely not fresh. The fried chicken was limp and didn’t resemble fried chicken at all. Needless to say, we all gave the place a wide berth after that. I’ve been coming back to Tropicana now and then and each time I passed Chicking, I noticed the place was almost empty.

Even during dinner time. And if you’re empty during dinner in Malaysia (UNLESS you’re serving really niche food like chicken backside dipped in wine and served with cheese) then you know that the place has really bad food. Malaysians will even tolerate bad service for good food but never bad food for great service. We’re elitists when it comes to food.

So, what’s the point of this entry?

As you could have guessed by now, I’ve decided to give Chicking a second try. And I think thereafter I’ll pass on it forever.

The good stuff?

The food has improved. At least there’s a certain crunch when I bite into my fried chicken, and the meat does taste like fried chicken. The portions are so-so; for the price you pay it was enough to fill my stomach. All in all, it tasted like fairly decent fried chicken. The meal I took was a Royal Snack, as they called it. One piece chicken, two pieces chicken strip, a bowl of rice and a drink. I changed the rice for mash because I didn’t feel like chewing (much).

Here’s the thing though. After you get through the superficialities of the chicken sounding crisp when you take it apart with your fingers, you realise that the chicken itself is bland. There’s no taste in the chicken (not even of oil like in the mamak) and worse, the seasoning tastes like flour. It’s a meal to fill the stomach if you had no other option, and I’m kind of regretting eating here cause, well, I’m in Tropicana City Mall. There’s always a better option.

Lesson learnt: No more Chicking after this. Possibly never again.

[Writing] Satiety

Someone once said that it’s better to write when you’re hungry. I have to agree, but the thing about forgetting to eat cause you forgot is that you get so hungry, the hunger pangs can distract you and you make really horrible judgements.

Like yesterday’s remark. Doesn’t help that the weather yesterday was quite horrible.

But those lapses of judgement are mine, and mine alone. I do know better and I have no one else to blame but me.

On another note, I want a smartphone! XD

Recipe: Quick Bacon Rice

Day old leftover rice
1.5 slices of streaky bacon
1 egg
Some water, oil, salt and pepper

Slice streaky bacon into strips and half. You should get some nice fat pieces and non-fat pieces. Beat egg, add salt and pepper to egg (I used 2 eggs instead of one, so my rice became quite a yellow mess). Heat oil on medium-high fire (not too much oil, just a teaspoon or less will do) and fry fatty bits in the oil. Wait till they turn a bit brown on one side.

Now add non-fatty bacon. Fry a bit more till they turn a bit crispy. When they are sizzling, add enough water just to cover the bottom of pan. Reduce for 10 seconds, add in rice and stir with spatula till the water has evaporated/coated the rice. Ensure rice covers the bottom of pan. Now, you can add the egg in.

Mix rice, bacon and egg mix till desired dryness is reached. Serve and eat with sauce of liking.

Total time taken: 15 minutes (including prep time)