Eroge: Tortured Twins (White)

I came up with this while reading Shiro’s plurk. :3 Thoughts?

Overarching plot:
A demon sleeps in their village who haunts the dreams of twins. He is in love with the MC who is the reincarnation of his love, but she does not love him back. Rather, she was the one who sealed him away, and if he is unleashed, he will take revenge on all those who had imprisoned him. Said MC is also the descendent of the woman, strictly speaking perhaps one of the demon’s descendents? An angel is sent to ensure that the demon will not be released.

Cut to save the Flist. Read More »Eroge: Tortured Twins (White)

Comic Fiesta 2010 Report

Quick note cause I’m too lazy to write more:

Long queue is very long. Over 11,000 visitors? That’s insane! This is quite a huge jump from over 9k the previous years. No wonder BTS couldn’t handle us. XD

Best Troll in Hall. XD Damn good contestants.

Missed Cosplay Comp. Didn’t really regret that. Missed the Industry seminar. AAAAAAAAA WHY DIDN’T I GO? Missed Phil Ortiz’s and Phil Yeh’s Industry Seminar. *headdesks*

Breakfast in the Hotel. Yummy!

Time with friends? ALWAYS AWESOME! Even if I did fall sick on the second day.

Meeting new people and having random people say that Ticketing was very helpful: <3 And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. PS: DRR! IZAYA IS <3, Celty is OMGHAWTNESS, SQUEE WINDOWS 7 Nanami Madobe! Also WTF I respect this Facebook Cosplay, KYAAA TRUNKS! Oooo RO, Random Maid for the Win (thanks Silvy!) Darling Family esp Danzai no Maria and Pet, Oooo Hot Girls in Gantz, And so many more! Thank you my friends, you know who you are, for making this year's Comic Fiesta one of the best I've ever had! Also especial thanks goes to the committee. 😀 Get some sleep la!

Permission to be awesome: Granted

*blows dust off journal* Hello! How’s everyone feeling today? 😛 Good? Glad to hear that. So now you can make yourself comfy and read this long ass update. XD

So, I’ve been going through this Meta-NLP course for the past few days. NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which basically says that all the resources you need to be successful or to achieve your goals in life is there with you. It’s a matter of accessing and realising that the resources are there for you to use that you need to be aware of. 

It’s day 4 today and we’re learning about meta-states. My understanding of this is simply thinking about thinking. For example, someone cuts into your lane. You feel angry that someone did so. Then you think to yourself, “wait, why am I being angry?” It’s examining your reactions to an event. It simply drives home the conclusion that it’s very normal to feel emotions. Feeling angry, sad, happiness, frustration, disappointment, all these are normal. It’s normal to feel. Productive even, in some cases (note that we’re talking mainly about feeling. Whether a person actually demonstrates it is another matter entirely). 

Talking about meta-states is not the reason I’m sitting here in front of the comp skipping lunch because I had a heavy breakfast though. 😛 

It’s just that I wanted to bring you a simple message.

Have you given yourself permission to be awesome? Did you think about allowing yourself to be the person that you want to be? That you know you CAN be? 

Have you simply said to yourself, “I give myself permission to be awesome” and then let nature takes it course?

I’m writing this entry with one particular friend in mind, but perhaps you can apply it to all other areas in your life. I’m not saying that this will be a mantra and that your life will be smooth sailing after this (if I did, someone lock me up because we all know that life doesn’t happen that way). Rather, I want to ask, when was the last time YOU felt awesome? Remember that time, let your body feel it again. 

Now put it out of your mind. And go about your day as normal. Let awesomeness come to you. 

Tell me what happens later ya? 😀

Random RPG thoughts

Thinking of Suikoden Tierkreis. Assuming that Tsundere = increased stats.

Neon (Support Star)
Passive Ability: Increase tendency to Tsundere.
Active Ability: Enable
When Neon is in your party, random maps appear more frequently with treasures within.

Billy (Active Party Member)
Passive Ability: Moe Finder
Active Ability: Berserk
When Billy is in your party, no law enforcement officer will stop you, even if you are robbing them blind (including swindling them).

Passive Ability: Multiple Personas
Active Ability: Organiser
When Juufan is in the party, more random NPC quests will open up. Note that if Neon is in the party, Juufan’s tsudere meter will increase.

Passive Ability: Tsun 100% in random battle
Active Ability: Return to Town for free anytime
When Shiro is in party, all stats are boosted by 10%. Tsun 100% activates randomly in battle more often with Neon around.

Passive Ability: Goal focused
Active Ability: Fangirlism
When Sairenmizuko is in the party, all quest goal markers are activated. Note that Sairenmizuko is the only member who is NOT affected by Neon’s Tsundere effect.

Passive Ability: Flip Table
Active Ability: Heal 100%
When Sringangel is in the group, all injury damage is lowered except in the case of Fangirlism mode. Then Sringangel receives a boost to stats but suffers from higher injury. Note if Billy is in the group, chances of random injuries to Sringangel will increase.

Passive Ability: Horrify
Active Ability: Summon Tenta Bunnies
When Tibbar is in the group, chances of enemies being dismembered violently (and thus unable to resurrect) increases by a factor of 5. However, whenever not in battle, Tibbar resumes a pet-like form that makes it easy to carry her. Normal carriers include Naoko and May.

Passive Ability: Fangirl Pika
Active Ability: Polite Reasoning
When Annachuu is in the group, party gets discount at all stores. However, note that chances of encountering the rabid fangirl mob increases as well.

[To be added]