When Windows breaks your MMO…

This is the culprit of that Disconnected from patching server before patching completed error

So, for those wondering what “Disconnected from patching server before patching completed” here’s a quick guide to figuring out what’s the problem:

As of August 11, 2017:

  1. If you have updated to Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update, check your App Settings. This can be done through Settings > App Settings > Apps and Features.
    • Change your settings if it’s set to install Store apps alone. I have temporarily enabled all apps to ensure my update works
  2. Otherwise, check your WiFi settings.
  3. Run the .exe as Admin after that (Right click > Run as Administrator).
  4. Pray it works.
  5. Have fun!

How I discovered this (aka I want to curse the idiot that is myself)
So, about 6 days after Fall of Oriath dropped, I finally decided to install the patch and PLAY. GGG (Grinding Gear Games) usually has an “Allocating Space” step before actually downloading the patch, so I went for a nap to let Kuro (le PC) do its thing. Woke up to find the update stalled so I cancelled that process and started again.

Allocated Space went through just fine. Then I had the “Disconnected from patching server before patching completed” error. This happened twice and I am now kicking myself because I decided to do the whole “delete your content.ggpk file and force the client to REDOWNLOAD the entire game (8GB and counting) in a single file” step as a solution.

You see, right after that I got an error from Windows saying “Oh this app isn’t from the store, installing it is a bad idea” and it clicked in my head that my update had probably failed because of this and not because of GGG. Unfortunately as the file has been deleted, I now needed to wait for the Updater to re-run the Allocated Space (about 45 mins minimum) AND download the game again (hello Unifi why am I getting speeds of only 200+KB?).

Moral of the story? Be patient kids.

[Geekiness] Lowerin the temperature

So for the past few months I’ve been sweltering in the heat of my room. It’s been unbearably warm, and at first I thought it was because my room had poor ventilation AND the hot weather. Only after I realised that my computer itself was very warm that it hit me.

The cause of the heat could be my NVIDIA graphics card. A download and launch of SpeedFan reported that my graphics card was running at 61°C consistently, which would explain the heat. No wonder I was sweating like mad! The side of my computer’s case is open for better ventilation, so the heat came out from the computer and into the room, more or less steaming me alive.

So yesterday when I came home, I took out the graphics card and proceeded to give it a gentle “scrub” with some cotton buds. The amount of dust that came out was staggering. There was still quite a bit of dust when I was done, but I would need to get a pressurised air can to deal with those.

I plugged the card back in and checked the temperature; 51°C. And it more or less stayed that way. When I woke up in the morning, I was NOT, in a long time, sweaty.

I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

[Geekiness] This should be fun!

I uninstalled my Sims 3 quite some time ago because I was not playing the game very often. After watching Ai complain about the difficulties she had in reinstalling her Japanese game and the subsequent sales fiasco, I was a bit hesitant to approach them. However as it turns out, my issue was fairly straightforward.

You see, a few weeks ago, I unhooked my DVD drive from my motherboard because the thing was malfunctioning. It wouldn’t read DVDs at first (and frequently hung the computer too!) and as a last straw, it wouldn’t let me boot Kuro. After removing it, Kuro’s got no issues.

This proved to be a problem today.

I wanted to play the Sims 3. I forgot I’d uninstalled it a few months back because I wasn’t playing it as often. Today I wanted to reinstall and give it a whirl.

I forgot my Sims 3 was a physical disk copy (Collector’s Edition baby!).

I contacted EA live support, to see if it was possible to get a digital version of my game and then used the physical license on it instead. Angelina helped me through the process, and now I’m downloading the Sims 3 via the EA Download manager to see if it works.

Interestingly enough, according to the EA Download manager, they apparently let you download digital versions of your games, just in case your disk gets corrupted or lost. I presume that it requires you having to register your game online first though (which I did).

42 hours left to download a 5gb file though. >> Eep.

Dec 1: Attack Plan

Aka things to do after Nano is over:

1. Clean desktop desk, possibly throw it out
I have way too many books and stuff on it that I think I can throw out now. There’s an empty box in my room that I’ll use for any income tax receipts. Will possibly throw books as well; I’ll be twitpic and FB-ing these books. Mom has a really bad sense of pricing things; I’m planning to sell most of these books for at least RM5 before postage. :3 So no, mom, you cannot have my books to sell.

2. Bookshelf next.
Some textbooks I’ll keep. Books that I intend to read over and over I’ll keep. Mangas that I no longer read (or the Chinese ones that I opened to look at pictures) will all go. Also getting rid of whatever hardware that does not work.

3. Comp desktop
Need to basically clean the desk, clean under said desk and clean the comp. Not quite sure if I wanna close Kuro’s side as I have issues with the video card. Next time I’ll get a bigger casing, or at least one with better ventilation. *sayangs her comp* Need to remove books and other materials I don’t read anymore.

4. Change bedsheets, send dolls/teddy bears for wash
This will be done AFTER I clear out the underside of my bed. I have quite a few boxes underneath, and I seriously am considering throwing most of them and their contents out. That said, this reminds me that if I do throw out my desk, I’ll need another cupboard.

4. Clean out clothing cupboard
A lot of dresses and skirts can go cause I don’t wear them. A larger number are not worn because they are meant for colder climates. That said, I need to clear out my bags. And my jeans. Why are jeans so expensive???

5. Wallpainting
This is optional and only applies if I manage to complete all these by the 10th of December. I want to change my wall colour from bright yellow to my old soothing blue. Mom painted the wall that colour when grandma stayed with us, and I hate yellow. Also, room has no ventilation. /rant

6. Sleep.

[Geekiness] Thought I had a fix…

So today I was bitching all over Twitter about my connection. Or the lack thereof. It got to the point that poor Timothy from P1 called me and received quite an earful from me. The things that I know about my connection is thus:

Connection dies during school holidays
It’s a pattern that’s solidified over the months, but it’s rarely been this bad. The last time it was this bad, I actually more or less screamed at them. The problem went away around 2 WEEKS later.

Apparently it’s no longer a base station issue
Turns out that it’s not just high congestion, but also high data packet loss. I forgot to ask them what causes this.

So what’s a pseudo geek to do?

Troubleshoot of course! Note this applies only to Windows operating systems only. I just uninstalled Ubuntu, so I can’t check there, sorry!

First things first, the most important thing to do whenever you face a connection problem is ALWAYS run IPCONFIG. This is done by going through the Command Prompt.

The easiest way to do is to click on Start (the Windows logo on the lower left corner of your screen) > Accessories > Command Prompt. Note that if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you should right click on the Icon to “Run as Administrator” before you proceed.

Once done, you should see a black window pop up. Now, type the following code:


Theoretically, you should see only 4 items there:

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::d823:79df:2294:4620%11
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

If you see this PLUS something that looks like a tunneling adapter, then there *might* be a problem. Particularly if you see something like “Tunnel adapter Reusable ISATAP Interface” or something that says “Tunnel Adapter” in general. The closest entries I can find online regarding these items is that they’re used mainly to help transit BUSINESSES from IPv4 to IPv6. At this point in time, as far as I know, for the home user, there’s no reason to install this.

So if you’re not afraid, it’s time to get rid of them. You may want to do a System Restore point before we continue (google that one yourself :p).

Now, head into Device Manager. You can access this via Start > Control Panel > Device Manager. Click on View > Show Hidden Devices. Now, scroll down to Network Adapters. Double click twice to see the full list of adapters. If you see something along the lines of Microsoft ISATAP Adapter (especially if there are more than one!), and Teredo Tunnelling Pseudo Interface, then try disabling them. Restart PC and connection, and see if those works.

Otherwise, you might want to consider changing your DNS servers to OpenDNS (I know that P1 suggests Google DNS but I get a faster pingback with OpenDNS, and I was trying to ping Google!). This worked for me, but only for a short time. Right now I’m trying to disable IPv6 to see if that will solve the problem, but at this point in time I am highly doubtful.

So in other words, if after all this fails, go back to screaming at P1. x_x