Suzuki Swift Test Drive

So I finally walked into a Suzuki showroom today to check out the 2011 Suzuki Swift (GLX). Right after the drive, there were a few things evident:

The Swift is a really nice car. In person, it’s got a number of security features I like. Instead of having to dig out your keys, all you need is the key to be in your pocket, and you can open the car by pressing on the buttons on the door handles. Even better, you can open only the door you need, so if I’m driving alone, I can press once to open just the driver’s door instead of the entire car. Considering the scariness of Malaysian crime these days, it’s an advantage. Oh, and that single door thing applies to the boot as well. When I’m near the car, I can open just the boot instead of the whole car. It’s a pretty neat feature.

The boot space was surprisingly roomy and deep. I’m thinking that maybe it’d be big enough for a few bags. Note though, that it’s definitely smaller than my current Proton Iswara hatchback. It’s deeper yes, but it’s not longer. That means if I’m carrying longer stuff, the seats will definitely have to come down.

The seats were firm. Driving the car reminded me of getting my first Android smart phone; SO MANY NEW FEATURES TO PLAY WITH! I should have really taken my time to play with the car. The nervousness of going for the test drive meant that I didn’t spend as much time as I should to familiarise myself. The first thing that I did notice though were that I had a much wider range of view compared to my own car.

The side view mirrors were controlled by what looks like a joystick; twist left and right for their respective mirrors, then move it up, down, left and right for the angles. Nice. To start the car, press the brake and the Engine Start/Stop button simultaneously. The car jumped to life with a pleasant roar. Then it was time to actually drive.

The Swift has a 4-wheel brake disc instead of the usual rear brake disc, and it shows. The few times I pressed on the brake, it was actually rather hard and sudden. Definitely an improvement from my current car. Turning and pickup was quite good. The sound system was quite ok, by my standards. I’m not an audiophile, so as long as it plays music I think it’s good. The sound system supposedly has USB connectivity, and while I did notice it I didn’t get to use it. The USB connector was located under the audio buttons in a fairly sizeable recess behind the gear.

Which brings me to another point; unlike other cars I’ve driven before, there’s no indicator on the gear box to show you which gear you’re in. The displays are on the dashboard, where the odometer was. It was very disconcerting. However, this was offset by the fact that the gear hid the recess to dump your keys and wallet and mp3 player, so I might take it as an acceptable trade-off.

Mileage seems to be far better than my current car (well, the present ride is about 20 years old) at 500km per full tank, which works out to about RM60-RM70 (note: RON 95). The salesperson did warn me that the Swift doesn’t do as well as bigger cars when driving outstation, which was something I already expected. For in-town driving though, it handles well.

However, I did not really take the opportunity to really lean back and enjoy the seats. At first sit they’re hard and nice, while the steering fits well in my hand, but I’m still on the fence on that.

Price was about RM77,888 for the base model, which is what I would have gotten anyway (spending RM5,000 on the body kit which was basically all decoration is not my cup of tea) with a downpayment of RM8,000. I’m still thinking of this though, and I want to give the Ford Fiesta a try. We shall see.

Ratio of Car to Ego

About 1:15. Even more so when you’re in a Pajero, apparently.

Was coming out of a parking space today when the above happened. As there were cars double parked on both my sides, I had to come out pretty carefully. I waited my turn as I was coming out, and when I saw the road was clear after this BRIGHT red BMW (I remember it was bright red cause it was so shiny) I came out.

I did not see a Pajero suddenly rushing towards me. I only realised he was there when he honked at me and I saw him approaching from the corner of my eye. As it was too late to stop (if I had I would be blocking the road) I quickly put up a hand in apology and drove out as fast as I could. Mr Pajero didn’t like it.

From my rearview mirror, I saw him slow down, and then pick up speed as though he wanted to ram my car. The first thought that came to mind was: “Go ahead. The police station is up ahead. Come and kiss my car if you dare.” In fact, I slowed down, but mainly because I was approaching a junction and there were other cars around too.

As we passed the junction, there was about perhaps half a car’s length space between me and the car in front of me. Mr Pajero speeded up and overtook me. I slowed down to give him the space, suspecting that he wanted to cause trouble. As the car in front of him speeded up and he kept pressing the brake, I decided not to give him the opportunity to do so.

He started weaving left and right, trying to provoke me to overtake him so he could ram me or something. I didn’t take the bait. Instead, I put on my right turn signal and turned at the next junction into Glomac, which is a small area of lots of shops. As I did, he pulled over to the left, trying to make a U-Turn, I think. I didn’t wait. I turned as soon as I could and tried to disappear into the shops.

I did, because I didn’t see him following me. The area I chose to come out to was not too far from the junction, because they were all interconnected. I didn’t see him waiting, so I came home as soon as I could.

On the way home as well there were one or two scares, because at one point I had a car slowing down in front of me and another very close to me. I put my signal to turn again. When the car in front of me turned, I went straight instead and the car behind me followed the first. Never was I so relieved that I lived near home.

Gah ego and cars.


I’m now addicted to a webcomic named Megatokyo. It’s the first webcomic that I’m actively following. Now, if you look on the main page as per link, you’ll see Dom’s ranting about his computer (Dom’s one of the helps on MT).

This is where I start to rant.

You see, when I went to sleep last night, I started to dream. I was talking to Serge and Edrei online, about to ask them about the security threat Dom was talking about. When all of a sudden my beautiful SERAPHINE refused to install Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware. I cried. For she lagged. And I could not back up.

Dom, stop haunting my dreams (I have no idea whether he’ll see this).

On another note, my mouse has decided to move even when I’m not touching it. In fact, I’m not moving anything at all, and the pointer… moves. Eeep.